Sunday, August 25, 2013

MegaMan Onimusha Textures

Apparently ripping textures from PS2 is a nightmare compared to easy street Wii/GC. Aside from not being able to rip from the files directly (because apparently every game has its own proprietary format) ripping from runtime was an option, which is a really poor way to do it, in my opinion. It's the equivalent of screenshot ripping sprites, which really misses out on the bigger picture and subtleties.

Despite that, I've managed to collect relevant textures for MegaMan in the game. No way I'm ripping stage textures with these convoluted tools.
Download MegaMan Textures

Previews after the break...

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unlocking MegaMan in Onimusha Blade Warriors

Remember MegaMan's other lesser-known cameo? It's from the sword fighting series Onimusha and here is a video of me unlocking MegaMan EXE Onimusha Blade Warriors for PS2. He's either quite tough, or I'm not good enough at the game 5 hours in.

By the way, that castle stage looks very similar to the Gargoyle castle in BN5. Of course, that's no coincidence because of culture, or something.
After unlocking MegaMan, I think it should be straightforward on unlocking Zero, so I'll get to that later.

Friday, August 9, 2013

TREZ Turning 7

Here's a brief reminder: TREZ turns 7 years old this Monday. Can you believe we've kept TREZ up and running for 7 whole years? Of course, it's no secret things in general have slowed down, especially with the lack of games. Aside from that, I still want loyal fans of the site to look forward to this and keep things going.
As you know, last year is when the new home page launched, which we really needed because the old one is long gone. Looking back at it, there is a lot I would change about it now, but it isn't the time.
This year, I will try my best to have something to show on the 12th. Let's hope there will be an 8th anniversary!