Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 huh?

Well, it's 2015. Doesn't it just sound like the future? Here are some various things on my mind.

This year will mark 10 years since the release of EXE6 in Japan and Battle Network 5 in the US.

Last month's 4 day video upload streak was fun. I uploaded my first 60fps video. I can't find enough content to upload like that though.

On the topic of videos, it's impossible to deny how terribly out of date VirtualDub is. I don't want to save a hacked up AVI file with it because it's really, really slow and the editing features leave much to be desired. Avidemux seems to work well, at least in aligning audio. The save time is in seconds since it supports a copy video save. That means I'm not waiting 30 minutes to set a new video start. For GBA videos though, I can't recommend it as I can't find the nearest neighbor resize option.

It saddens me the state TREZ is in. It seems no one has even the slightest ambition to do anything except GM since I'm always aware of what he's up to. The squirrel-minded chatbox is a double edged sword and I just cannot be interested in that aspect of it. I am still looking forward to working on the site and forum more, but at a later date.

I miss communities. That's why I am more active on NeoGAF and reddit now because it is always so alive. I may not be into all the latest games, but it's nice to know what's going on gaming-wise and in general.

I like participating. 2013, I joined the Customs Creators Collective and I've been in a Skype group with the staff since. They even have an important member that goes by Nemo as well. They make Rock Band customs for the small remaining fanbase and it reminds me of the early days of TREZ where we'd cater to a diminishing, eager fanbase. I'm the Wii guy and most recently, I've actually gotten around to creating some interesting Gecko codes for Rock Band 3. Only one person ever made a code for the series, so I'm glad to be number 2. It's a shame the WiiRD forums shut down days before I could post them to the database.

Speaking of codes, I've dabbled in programming now. It's very difficult for someone like me, but now I've created 2 programs and know my way around a bit when it comes to C# code. I don't know what practical use this could have though. I'm practically obligated to create something Battle Network out of it though, so I hope I can get something done soon.

If you don't know, I'm a big fan of Microsoft. So GM suggested to recreate the BN6 menu to something you'd see on Windows. This is sort of old news now, but we came up with this tile grid view that he was able to hack into the game. That really makes me want to come up with another "future PET" concept, but the last time I did that, it didn't really turn out too well. My head is in the right place though. We all know the PET of "today" would have a curved screen with a flat UI and an emphasis on wireless features as opposed to "jack-in."
Here's an unreleased screenshot of a concept I've come up with for the custom screen based on the changes in GM's patch. Inspired by Windows Phone and Windows 10, it's a flat, minimalist and/or reduction of the original screen. The excess chrome is removed for an equally functional and contemporary look. Smash Bros for 3DS also has some nice flat dialog boxes and since flat is hot and trendy now, I really want to apply this in more areas while I still can.

Oh, and I'll make another post this month about bad/scary ideas I came up with for a freemium Battle Network game. It's a shame to see Capcom waste all their Monster Hunter money on mobile games. This many years into the 3DS's lifespan, we certainly should have had an original MegaMan game of some sort by now. Right?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Unused Models Revisited

Remember those unused 3D models found in the first Star Force game that had nothing to do with the game? The Battle Network ones? It's one of my top posts.

Well anyways, thanks to a regular visitor of this blog named "Black Ace", I've taken the models and resources and tried opening them in the now abandoned Mario Kart DS Course Modifier. It's amazing what people can do when they want to modify their favorite game. Such tremendous progress!

So with that, it brings nearly flawless support for viewing NSBMD models, exporting them, and even viewing its animations! Take a peek below for the full scoop.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DAE Final Smash?

Yeah, this again. But look how pretty it is on the Wii U!
Truly the definitive 3D models for all of them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Debug Strings in Battle Network

Let's look at a more interesting topic. Some of you may remember last time I went over this image.
Gamekyo, formerly JeuxFrance, got an exclusive hands-on look at an in-progress build of the then-upcoming MegaMan Battle Network 5 DS, for the EU region, way back in 2006 or so. This particular build of the game, and European of all things, has debug info on the screen! These strings still exist in their plain text for the most part, and it matches the debug font that every Battle Network game has had.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

No more Xover. Yay? Nay?

So, now that Rockman Xover is dead...
Expect the latest and last archive update. I'll keep the link in the sidebar, but there will be no need to ever re-download it. Oh, but we had some fun times. The sprites. The music. That's about it. I would be lying if I said I ever played it, much less watched any gameplay for more than 5 seconds.

Let's just hope that if/when there is another MegaMan/Rockman game to ever look forward to, that we can all do so together again. Because those times are fun.

Update: The newest and last archive is now available for download. Not much new to add, but complete your collection now.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Wow BN4 Translation Are Awful

Can you believe this game came out over 10 years ago? Let's look over again at how vague, bad, or outright wrong a lot of the BN4 chip descriptions were.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Guys, I got Smash 3DS!

Add me. I bought the 3DS XL just for this game.