Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Great new background!

As I'm working on a school project, a background I was working on suddenly seems amazing. Just looking at it reads very "Battle Network" style. It fits so well with their design that I'll probably have to start using it everywhere until a better one comes out.

It's made entirely in Illustrator.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

PET Concept: Final Render

I think I've worked on this for enough time. I've completed the front part of the new PET. With the screen on top, the presentation is essentially complete.

I think this has been a very involved and amusing project, nonetheless. Lots of skills learned and it was fun going through with it.

Rockman EXE 6 6th Anniversary

It's that time of year again, the 6th one to be exact. Today marks the 6th year since the release of the last main entry into the Rockman EXE series. I couldn't get anything done to commemorate this day but I'd still like people to remember that 6 years ago, there was excitement among the fanbase and I was part of it. The first game I followed along as it was developed and waited for updates. And clearly the best Battle Network game. This year, there's nothing to look forward too, sadly. Even Star Force was released during November. I hope next year will have an entry into one of the series around this time of the year. It's sad to see that only after 6 years, interest has died to down to a whisper.

Monday, November 21, 2011

The PET OS Home Screen UI

As you may have seen from last week's video, I wanted to create a conceptual PET based on today's mobile look and if a Battle Network game were actually coming out November of this year, like before.
I think the PET Home Screen is finished and this is what I came up with.

I've put a lot more attention into the UI recently since it says a lot about what a device like this could do. I hadn't studied UI design so I had a lot to cover and I think it may have even interfered with the quality of this work. Keeping in mind it would ideally be implemented in a game environment, I borrowed elements from today's mobile UIs like iOS and Android operating systems while still keeping it relevant in-game.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Co-Op Battles in MMBN6

It's amazing that even as the game reaches its 6th year since the original release, that new things still emerge from it.

This time, using assistance from Prof.9, I was able to get only one battle to load when playing against another person in multiplayer. Using a cheat, it's possible to have them fight on your side, though with odd, annoying side-effects. However, it is possible for both players to fight together, even for a while. Another possibility would be to allow players to fight with AI-controlled opponents. Even so, there are still restrictions to what is allowed since multiplayer battles only allow uncompressed sprites to load. I hope some of the bugs get fixed so the potential of this could be further explored.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Quick draw in Illustrator

Still kind of at tech demos. Here is a video of me drawing a PET concept in Illustrator.

Maybe I should finish the concept just to see it really nice and thoughtfully created.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Transfer Adobe Program Preferences

So I finally figured out how to transfer settings and preferences from Adobe programs. I don't know if I missed out on something but upgrading is a hassle, especially when you have to set up your preferences over and over again. Last time I couldn't figure out how to transfer my settings. Adobe couldn't help much either. But it didn't happen this time! I want my workspaces, my gradients, my shapes, etc to be accessible even if I can't open the old programs anymore (since apparently legitimately activating old programs is nearly impossible)

I work mostly on Windows so I don't know how Macs handle this. Your settings can be retrieved in Windows 7 by going to the following folder on your main hard drive: C:\Users\[NAME]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\
There, you will find folders for each Adobe program, some even have Settings in the folder name. If you've already ran the new version, open that folder (Ctrl+Double-click) and open the old version's folder. The structure should be nearly identical. Look for proprietary Adobe files like the Brush and Gradient files and copy them over to the new version. Worksapces can also be transferred this way. Once you've done that, open your new Adobe program and enjoy working like before!

This saved me quite the hassle of updating from Photoshop and Illustrator CS5 to 5.1. Yeah, it's a big deal.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Batch: Unused Models

This is partially what I was trying to accomplish. Being able to manipulate the models in game, I could take the unused 3D models from Star Force and use BN5DS as a virtual emulator to process the files. The models should be correct. Shading is a little different and could be an emulator error. While the model format may have been the same as I anticipated, the motions format isn't. Only the the idle animation can be loaded and I'm very certain there are more. A general-purpose BCA0 animation viewer would be needed to progress further. These models, out of proportion and fairly inaccurate, are ideal test subjects which could have been used to explore the game's barely-developed real-world and cyber-world environments. The foot and buster texture, sharing the same textures as the Mega Man model from the previous post, have no animation textures. It is possible these were used for battle models.

Anyways, here is the last batch: the proper idle animations for the 4 character models found in Star Force.

Next step: GIFs

I also created animated GIFs from the mysterious unused animations. They are very interesting and it's a shame the models are stiff 90% of the time.