Thursday, August 16, 2012

Very late MMSF3 code

So I got a request earlier this week to create a code that lets you Multi-Noise with Rogue Noise. Apparently I lost all my MMSF3 notes, so I  had to find the values all over again. After I got the correct values, I was able to multinoise, but incorrectly. I had GM assist me in debugging the value to find the routine which checks if you are Rogue Noise. Changing the check or nullifying it allows you to Multi-Noise as Rogue Noise. The cheat worked and here is what the final code looks like.

Multi-Noise as Rogue Noise
94000130 FFFB0000
221309D6 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Oh, and this is also for Red Joker. I almost forgot there was some difference. To use the cheat, push Select during battle. It changes the routine that checks for Noise 0B to have it check 00, so you can Multi-Noise. Only downside is your buster doesn't change. You get the weaknesses and power-ups, though.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this code!! I don't know how to thank you enogh! :)
btw if I use this code for Black Ace there will be any problem? because you said this is for Red Joker.
Anyways thanks very much man!!
*goes to hax SF3*


Mega Rock.exe said...

You have to add to the code's address. 20, I think. Check with other codes.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatelly this code only works for Red Joker :(
But I'm better with Black Ace... there is a code for Black Ace? Thanks in advance! ^_^

Anonymous said...

oh I didn't saw your comment ^_^`
thanks man but I still didn't understood this. Where I should put the 20 value? I'm kinda new to codes. Thanks in advance and sorry for this trouble.

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