Saturday, August 18, 2012

EXE WS Debug Menu

Wow, I was surprised. This is the probably the first and only Battle Network game with a debug menu. My theory worked. If you somehow go to the 4th option on the title screen, you can access the debug menu. As always, GM's understanding of WS ASM is really helpful. The Debug Menu is really simple to access.

In the game, get to the title screen and push start to see the selections. In Mednafen, push Alt+D, then push Alt+3. In the memory editor window, push G and type in 10EB. At the cursor position, push Insert and type in 03. Push Alt+D to close the window. Now push A in the game to proceed (it doesn't matter where the cursor is).

tldr; Memory editor, go to 10EB, type in 03.

You should now be at the debug menu. It has a sprite viewer which I'm really excited for. There are lots of cool features in there you should look around for. In the map viewer, I found this to be interesting.
This map test lets you open any map, but with this silly running MegaMan animation just so they could get a feel for the map. The sprite, though, is a really old sprite of MegaMan. The colors seem to be more accurate, too.

This is really interesting, so have fun with it! Here is a video showing everything in it.


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