Wednesday, October 31, 2012

MegaMan 3 complete!

The game was much shorter and/or easier than I expected. Part 2, which is over 2 hours long, can be viewed below.

MegaMan 3 was fun, dare I say even more fun that MegaMan 2? The game felt more balanced in terms of weapons and stage difficulty. I understood what the stage demanded most of the time. I know that blocks part in HeatMan's level in MM2 was far less doable than some of the blocks parts in MM3. Most weapons had a fair amount of use. Top Spin is highly unreliable. I ended up using the Magnet one a lot, but it eats too much energy. Gemini is just too laggy to be of any use the Needle is too weak. Snake was also very rarely ever needed. There were also more defeatable enemies. In MM2, I found myself running through many enemies because it just wasn't worth the tine or damage to defeat them. Not the case here, especially with fairly decent weapons.

Anyways, sometime soon I'll start on MegaMan 4. I don't know anything about it immediately, so it will be mostly a surprise.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MegaMan 3 started

After a brief break while I was busy, I've returned today to play MegaMan 3! If I had know this game would have been overall so easy, I would have played it sooner. Well, I uploaded what I played on the stream to YouTube, so you can catch up on it if you didn't miss it.
Yeah, there are some parts I clearly struggle on, but I felt I didn't rage as much as I have before. In this video, I get stuck on the GeminiMan stage. Rush Marine isn't very good at all. Everything just feels like it deals too much damage.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

MegaMan 2 Finished!

After a brief break, I came back and finished MegaMan 2!

It was pretty much a blind run. I don't think I had ever gotten past the level I start this recording in. Yes, I'll have to admit it was at least some kinds of fun. Look, fact is, the game is dated and has its flaws, but by the end of the game I must say, I felt satisfied having completed a second classic MegaMan game.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Nintendo DS is on its Death Bed

I haven't touched my NDS in over a year and what a surprise I find myself with. Aside from the obvious drained battery, recharging it a little showed that it's already forgotten my user info and is very prone to sudden freezes. All this means is I'll never be able to access Wi-Fi on any game without erasing my connection-related info; not that I was doing a lot of that anyways. I wouldn't be too surprised if it simply never turned on anymore, as is the next logical step.
I had already backed up my saves long ago, so I'm not worried about cartridges. It's just a little sad to see that my NDS, even though fairly neglected, was still in good shape. It shouldn't have ended like this. I still have Mega Man Battle Network 5DS, Star Force 1, 2, 3, which were the only games I ever owned. It's all I wanted to play anyways.