Monday, May 28, 2012

Official Complete Works and Video Stuff

Okay first off, I tried DS video processing again. After about an hour with a failed AVS script, I tried looking for a script which stacked the screens horizontally and that juts worked. I came upon this video and I got wonderful results. I used the following script:
A = AviSource("file1.avi","file1_part2.avi", pixel_type="RGB32")
A = A.crop(0,0,256,192)
B = A.crop(0,192,256,192)
Obviously with complete file paths, this just worked. Wonderful results, too. Depending on the game, horizontal screens may work better. Since Youtube's video player is in 16:9 by default, this gives the viewer a larger area to watch the video from more efficient screen space use.
I also just found out you can save settings in VirtualDub, so this should make preparing GBA and DS videos much faster. Ever since I started using VirtualDub, all my GBA and DS videos are letterboxed to 16:9 to maximize the space of the Youtube player window. Enlarging also has to be done very selectively so it may be one of Youtube's predefined quality settings and so the result is pixel-perfect.

Now onto the Official Complete Works. I was looking over the Battle Network one again. This time I really got to appreciate the BN1 virus names. I really don't like looking at all the fake names people gave the viruses so it's nice to see fairly proper names, even if some still sound very Japanese and make little sense. I see that on the BN1 page, they mention the Scuttle family, but I can't really say it's a family since you don't normally encounter the virus in the game; it's just summoned by the Life Virus. Maybe it was considered as a standalone enemy? Also, on the character scale pages, they said they are very lenient with sizes. Maybe that explains why Bass and ShadowMan appear so large in battle. Also, Bass isn't on the scale! Some of the development notes are also quite revealing which I hadn't mentioned before. On many occasions, they say they're limited by game resources. That was their excuse for PharaohMan being completely stationary but also for the Phoenix chips in BN5. Apparently the Phoenixes were supposed to be different. Both games certainly had the room on the cart for it, so it's a shame that detail had to be missed.
There's also a mistake I missed last time. On the BN5 chip list, CloudMan's chip name is never mentioned. Instead, his chips are mistakenly labeled as "GroundMan, GroundMan SP GroundMan DS". GroundMan's chips, however, are labeled correctly.
Finally, that strange nameless Navi from BN2's Yumland was called CookMan. I don't remember seeing that anywhere but apparently he has some history with cooking?

Overall, the book is still really fascinating. It feels like such a privilege to have these books translated and in my hands.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Navi Changing on BN5

Yesterday I had an interesting chat with Nigoli. He informed me that on BN5 GBA, there was a Navi Change feature. Of course, I had heard about this, but wasn't quite sure it was true. Apparently the ability to switch Navis mid-battle is nothing exclusive to the DS version, but certainly more prominent there. If you had the chip gate hardware, you could have the Navi icons on the overworld map similar to how it is done on the DS version.
From the title screen, you can go into "OpsBattle"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

BN5 Operation Battle PAs

Okay, this is an interesting find. I'm checking BN5's Operation Battle out more and I stumbled across the problem about Program Advances. In BN4.5, a series of the same chips won't make their expected PA. The same is true in BN5. Several PA combos were changed to accommodate Operation Battle and as far as I know, there is no documented list... until now.

Here is the full Operation Battle PA list.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Alt-Strum Productions Logo is LIVE!

Today I can proudly announce that the new logo for Alt-Strum Productions is now live! The logo I designed along with the Facebook cover and profile icon has been officially agreed upon by the group and is now in use. Alt-Strum Productions, for those who are not familiar, are a Rock Band Network authoring group. They create custom songs for play on Rock Band 3. Music groups can use their services to promote their content which can be sold on the Rock Band Network. It's available for Xbox and PS3 owners.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Party Battle Multiplayer

OK, I'm still looking at the battle format stuff and this time I'm on BN5DS. In the screenshot below, I capture the effects of a newly-discovered battle mode.
I can't remember for certain but this may just be the Party Battle Multiplayer mode. Seeing Customizing in the center and MegaMan with HP below is kind of odd, but maybe it's how it really went. There's not much to say except that it stays stuck on this screen. Oh, and Lan doesn't speak with this mode on. Unfortunately, this is the last interesting new mode added for the DS game. I tried getting Operation Battle back in, but it seems it goes further than I expected and may have been taken out completely somehow.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cleaning up Official Artwork

I'm still planning for the new TREZ site. I won't say much, but I'll say I'm not posting everything that's done immediately.
Today I mostly looked at artwork. Sure, the official artwork at The MegaMan Network is fine, but most of the artwork which never had any official release are just old, bad scans. Color fringing is a common problem on old scanners and is rampant on said artwork. They're also very blurry, which is hard to fix. On some of the older scans, the hue is also off slightly, leading to yellowed skin and other irregularities.

So part of what I want in the new TREZ Gallery is improved artwork. I trust my skills are good enough now that I won't have to return to the original because I didn't like my previous cut. I've gone through several pieces already with fantastic results. Here are a few of the better ones.

I'll get through more which you can expect to see in the gallery along with all the old content if I still have any of it. Of course, you can always get the original old scans, but take my word: these are much better.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More updates

So I'm in an updating mood. First up, the banner has been updated. The same concept is there because I am still not over it yet. The other characters have been toned out to really bring focus to this glowing, dynamic pair. The blog title has been shrunken down a little to leave more room for the other images. Content summary has also been changed as I won't be mentioning personal stuff here as much. Banner height has been reduced as well, but I can't say the same about image size. Sorry.

Overall, I think the new banner has a cleaner aesthetic. I've been meaning to practice and improve my technique and I'm really liking this softening out of the backgrounds I made. The background used is the cool green background I posted a couple weeks ago.

Behind the banner, I was able to get the translucent effect I've wanted since I designed the new TREZ homepage. A white fill at 50% opacity with 75% opacity borders. This way you can kind of see the background scroll behind it. The background has also been locked in place so only the page scrolls when you scroll the page. Also similar to the new TREZ site.

Finally, posts have gotten a tad wider to accommodate the smallest Youtube video player size.

That's probably all the updates over here for now. If and when the TREZ page gets finished I will gladly get more work done on it. I have to improve the offerings due to the delays, you know.