Monday, October 31, 2011

I found it! Unused Gold!

That was rather quick. After searching Youtube the other day, I was looking for the scene in Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS where Mega Man actually moves. My theory was that whatever was in the message must be telling the 3D model to move. Today I decided to look for it. What I found was surprising.

It turns out there were several unused animation, though not what I expected relating to this canceled BN5DS 3D remake project. Here are some screens of the unusual never-before-seen animations. Once I find a camera code and get Protoman loading, I'll make a video showing off this wonderful find. I'm still really excited.
The default animation from the scene.
Mega Man's battle animation.

Colonel's battle animation.

Mega Man and his forms have strange "punched" animations.

One of Colonel's animations is him waving his hand across slowly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

3D Star Force Symbol in Photoshop [Video Tutorial]

Two tutorials in one day? Amazing how that worked out.

Short video tutorial explaining how to make the shape in 3D. Actually really easy.

I'm more amazed at the video quality. Well, now I actually have the hardware to watch and record 1920x1080 video. I gave CamStudio another shot and tried a custom-made Xvid codec. Amazing results! The video I uploaded was only 41MB. Videos I had uploaded before were ALWAYS 100MB and up for decent quality. I think this will suffice for the time being.

Creating a Bump Texture in Photoshop [Tutorial]

So recently for a class project, I found myself needing a slight bump texture. I'm talking about the texture some electronics have for grip. It has tiny little bumps used for grip and kinda look like gravel. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a tutorial or texture that I could use. I figured out a way to make one using Photoshop using a vague little filter called the "Custom" filter.

I'll explain...

Latest fangame logo: Legacy

It seems all I really do is make fantastic logos for promising fangame projects now. Of course, more recently I've been undoing the work I made before.My most recent work is the logo for Mega Man Battle Network Legacy.
They got a name change, which is now the shortest I've worked with. I took this opportunity to try some new things with these game logos. Centered. Blurs. A bend effect that isn't overdone. I'm liking the way this came out. Color choice is still a little iffy.

Now, I wanted to do center because I wanted to stylize "Legacy" like that. Subtle bend with slight 3D effect. Had to pen my own type for that part also since it's very important that the spikes appear on the left and right. In another project, I'm starting to use blurs since I found out they can actually look nice on export and I actually have the hardware to render them now. Blurs everywhere: on the emblem ring, the background squares, the wave glows.

I took my inspiration from the Rockman EXE Anime logos this time. I aimed for this "heavy, elaborate 3D elements" look. I like this logo. It really sets it apart from the other fangames.
I wish the Project Legacy team well.