Thursday, June 30, 2011

Star Force OCW pushed back again!

Well it looks like this book will never come out. I got an email saying that my order for the Mega Man Star Force Official Complete Works has been pushed back... to January 13, 2012! Why the sudden 6-month delay? I've almost had enough with the delays considering the book was supposed to be out LAST YEAR. The Battle Network OCW at least came out in March after a couple delays. This is just silly. Why won't Udon just say it won't come out at all and stop adding months to the supposed release?
Bad Udon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MMBN5 Cutting Room Floor article written

I just finished writing the article on Megaman Battle Network 5 for The Cutting Room Floor. Check it out!

I think it's fairly thorough and mentions that Wireless play feature. I've seen how they write articles on this website, though and I think it needs more comparisons. Primarily version-differences and beta screenshots. This also means I can move on to the BN6 article. Obviously I have tons of content for that.

Speaking of beta, I found something interesting while digging through old Capcom websites. Not only did Dr. Hikari's mugshot in BN1 used to look hideous, Max Mode is actually used. I haven't played the game recently, or any multiplayer, so I didn't know. Apparently Max Mode shows up during multiplayer. I didn't know. But it had to have something to do with multiplayer since BN5 brought it back exclusively for Crossover Battle.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Easy Bevels in Illustrator (Tutorial)

All right, here is the Adobe Illustrator tutorial I said I would make. The goal is to create accurate, shiny, vector bevels on text in Illustrator. I mean nice, enhancing bevels used on a good design, not blotchy, over-beveling done on bad designs. I've thought about the process and it's actually quite simple. Perhaps there already exists another tutorial out there on the exact same thing, but I've reached the conclusion in my own way with little to no help from others.

The final product:

You will need:
Adobe Illustrator (I'm using CS4)
A simplistic, squared font
Basic knowledge of tools

Ready to start the tutorial? Full tutorial after the break.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Another MMSF3 save post

I very recently put up a Megaman Star Force 3 save yet here is another one. I had to spread apart the releases so they would be noticeable. Anyways, you can download the save where the game is just recently completed. I'm obviously much farther than that now, but my current progress isn't worth posting. I won't post another one until I get all the icons on the second file. That means a couple months at best.

But here, game complete.
I must say, Hard Mode has been really fun. I don't trust that its difficulty is legitimate however, and I doubt the difficulty of enemies. So, the electric dragon viruses are silly-fast. There's no way anyone would purposely make an enemy that fast. In other words, they could have been made more difficult in other ways. The mummy viruses are also stupidly overpowered. Yes, I know it's supposed to be hard, but there should be no way a single enemy should be able to kill you with an endless combo. It's not a feature - it's a bug and it's annoying as hell. The only reason I didn't make a cheat was because it's only happened once and they're rarely alone, which is when they kill. As soon as I defeat Sirius in the game, I'm taking the cheat off since it's nearly impossible to win anything past that point (did I mention Apollo Flame is also completely broken and unwinnable?) Almost!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Upcoming Adobe Illustrator tutorial

A couple months ago I said I would write an Illustrator tutorial. Well I've finally figured out how to make shiny vector bevels in illustrator. They look quite nice as you can see.
It's kinda small (click to see the full version), but it's a specialized bevel that many fancy vector logos use, especially on games. No Photoshop tricks here. Getting a precise, gradating bevel is possible in Illustrator and I will write the tutorial soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Next MMSF3 savegame post

I was going to post this save before all the things from a couple weeks ago got out of hand. Anyways, I made a backup of my game's save when I got to the part before the Rogue minigame. So now both minigames can be accessed with the saves I provided. Also, remember this is my hard mode run.Weak enemies move as fast as their difficult counterpart and they have lots of HP. The HP part for viruses makes sense since I can't even imagine how pathetically weak they were before. The bump in difficulty makes the game much more enjoyable, especially at that part of the game.

Well here is the gamesave.

It's already a .SAV so it discards comments from the original Gameshark format. I forget exactly what save is what, so I may be mistaken.