Saturday, February 26, 2011

Button Redesign a success

Well after a little less than a week's worth of member cooperation, I have finished creating TREZ's new ranking system. The feedback is generally positive and this change removes old ranks and adds less ranks. The old ranking system was outdated and failed to serve as a very useful ranking system. I am really proud with how the new ranks came out. The design is clean, simple, and effective. I heard somewhere that "design is the balance between unity and variety" and this seems to be like a great example of it.

Here are all the main ranks.

For those who are wondering how I made these, I made them in Photoshop. The first problem I had was that the text was illegible. Fortunately, Photoshop allows pixel font rendering and using a pixel font showed up perfectly. Obviously the previous system did this but I established a rather effective form of text hierarchy. The main part of the rank title is in the large size of the pixel font and the sub-title, which is assumed, is in the smaller size. Overall, the series came out great. The goal was to avoid overused images and come up with fewer, more logical ranks.

All the images are unique to these ranks. The Newb rank uses the Powie virus. However, the available artwork was rather blurry and the face was dull. I quickly retraced it in vector and used that instead. Here is the vector Powie I used.
The rest are simpler. Regular Member uses the Mr. Prog from the EXE:OSS site. The TREZian rank uses the artwork of Megaman from BN3 (which isn't easily available last I checked) . Dedicated Member uses the regular artwork of Starman. Ultimate Member is actually the image of the Bug Charge chip which I ripped from the MMNT site. Finalizing Member uses Zero.EXE's artwork, something that hasn't been available for that long. And finally, Legendary Member uses TREZ's logo as a symbol of true dedication to the site.
That's about it. The other trivial ranks are there and I think Nemo has a detailed post on that somewhere.

The next graphics revamp will involve the forum's buttons. One problem with the current buttons is the text size. Aside from tiny text and random characters, the buttons are identical. There is a problem with their intended use that the new buttons intend to fix. Another problem are the missing buttons. Since the switch to Zetaboards, a couple of buttons don't exist in the current template. It shouldn't be too hard to fix anyways. The goal of the new buttons will be to create clearer and more effective communication through the forum's buttons.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Official Complete Works release?

If you're like me, you've been waiting for the MegaMan Battle Network Official Complete Works since summer of 2010. A translated art book of Battle Network is what any fan would want!
However, the release keeps getting pushed back. First it was slated for November, then December, then January, then February, and now according to Amazon, July. This is ridiculous, right? If I'm not mistaken, this qualifies as vaporware, but for books, sort of. Udon's site said it would release sometime during January, but that didn't happen.
This is obviously a rant expressing my impatience with this book's release. It seems like nothing is for certain as of this posting but it has certainly been sloppy. Obviously when the book is available, I'll purchase it as soon as possible to make sure I actually get one. I may be a little frustrated over its release, but I'm sure it will all be over soon. Just gotta keep waiting.