Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Megaman NT Warrior rips

A few more requests piled up and I decided to go through my SWFs again. First up, EXE6 site rips. Apparently the crosses weren't easily available. I swear there was a page that had all of them in decent quality. For now, I have packed all the site's artwork in the best quality available: bitmap. They're all small, low quality BMPs which kinda sucks. That's 2005-era flash pages for ya.

Download them here.

I'll try to get better ones in the TREZ Gallery.
Here are some samples. These are the best ones in the pack, by the way.
Now here is the NT Warrior stuff. I actually omitted a lot of artwork from the first batch. I apologize for the inconvenience in downloading 2 packs and I will still stand to my original statement where I said some of the artwork was bad. I think the part that took the longest was manually removing some of the artwork's horribly expanded outer glows. Anyways, here is the rest of the artwork and the Navi marks.

Download them here.

Here are some samples.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My reaverbot entry

I spent most of today drawing the final render of my Reaverbot entry, Kumoshiru. I won already, right? It's clearly one of the best designs submitted. It is certainly my best drawing to date. The final drawing was made in Inkscape.
Here is a link to my entry topic again.

And here is the final render.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Megaman NT Warrior Flash Site

Can you believe this site is still around? Thankfully Midnite pointed this out to me and I spend the past day-and-a-half ripping stuff from the site. It's really old but it's obvious it only documents the first season of the dubbed Anime and the MMBN4 accessories. The page also shows the merchandise they tried to mass-market back when it was new. Apparently the site stopped updating around late 2005.

The site is actually quite buggy and it's simple to have the Battlechips section show all the chips. Normally you can only see a few of the chips but for some reason, checking Battle Tips will unlock all of the chips - even the ones that were never released in the US like Grand Prix Power and the 4.5 chips.
The chip page is also very inconsistent. Either they rushed the site or inexperienced people built it since a majority of chips have either mistaken names or no names at all! There isn't even an image for Circle Gun 1. Navi chips don't load half the time for some reason. The dubbing is even inconsistent. Is it really necessary to call "Time Bomb", "Time Boomer", yet still call "Propeller Bomb" a bomb? Windman's Navi chip series calls him "WindblastMan", which I believe was the dub name yet the "NetNavi" chip calls him WindMan.
There are also some chips that aren't accounted for. In the chips list XML, Life Aura, Grand Prix Power, Duo, and the Dark chips are missing. When the list is compared to the image list, everything is accounted for except the Dark chips, Circle Gun, and the NetNavi chips. I think some of the dubbed names are ridiculous. However, it is interesting to see some of the "accepted" chips names spelled out in full. Even the exclusive 4.5 chips for translations. Here is a preview of the chip list XML.

[CHIP ID="202" NAME="Muramasa" AT="5" CP="6" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="203" NAME="Guardian" AT="5" CP="9" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="204" NAME="Anubis" AT="4" CP="6" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="207" NAME="DoublePoint" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="1"/]
[CHIP ID="209" NAME="FullCustom" AT="4" CP="3" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="210" NAME="ShotStar" AT="4" CP="9" EID="2" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="211" NAME="BugChain" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="212" NAME="Jealousy" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="10"/]
[CHIP ID="213" NAME="ElementDark" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="214" NAME="BlackWing" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="215" NAME="GodHammer" AT="8" CP="10" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="216" NAME="DarkLine" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="217" NAME="NeoVariable" AT="7" CP="5" EID="0" ARID="4"/]
[CHIP ID="218" NAME="Z Saber" AT="6" CP="5" EID="0" ARID="14"/]
[CHIP ID="219" NAME="GunDelSolEX" AT="4" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="15"/]
[CHIP ID="220" NAME="SuperVulcan" AT="4" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="4"/]


[CHIP ID="281" NAME="Marking" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="282" NAME="CannonMode" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
[CHIP ID="283" NAME="CannonBallMode" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="2"/]
[CHIP ID="284" NAME="SwordMode" AT="3" CP="2" EID="0" ARID="5"/]

[CHIP ID="285" NAME="FirePlus" AT="4" CP="3" EID="0" ARID="7"/]
[CHIP ID="286" NAME="ThunderPlus" AT="5" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="7"/]
[CHIP ID="287" NAME="AquaPower" AT="5" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="288" NAME="WoodPower" AT="6" CP="5" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="289" NAME="BlackWeapon" AT="7" CP="6" EID="0" ARID="5"/]
[CHIP ID="290" NAME="FinalGun" AT="5" CP="4" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="301" NAME="Bass" AT="8" CP="14" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="302" NAME="DeltaRayEdge" AT="11" CP="9" EID="0" ARID="3"/]
[CHIP ID="303" NAME="BugCurse" AT="11" CP="10" EID="0" ARID="18"/]
[CHIP ID="304" NAME="MeteorRedSun" AT="12" CP="10" EID="0" ARID="2"/]
[CHIP ID="306" NAME="BassPlus" AT="13" CP="11" EID="0" ARID="15"/]
[CHIP ID="307" NAME="HolyDream" AT="14" CP="12" EID="0" ARID="13"/]
[CHIP ID="309" NAME="BlueMoonRay" AT="10" CP="8" EID="0" ARID="2"/]
[CHIP ID="310" NAME="BugCharge" AT="14" CP="12" EID="0" ARID="8"/]
Had to format it a little bit. Some aren't consistent at all. I really thought they would have revealed what the hell "BassAnly" is supposed to mean. Even the European version of MMBN5DS didn't offer much insight.

I even went through most of their horrible artwork. I mean, I don't like it because it has this "kids action show" style on it that isn't present in the other EXE art styles. Fortunately, most of it was new art AND they made it all vector! It's good because if they were rasterized for their tiny 800x600 site, the quality would have been awful.

Some previews.

The disadvantage of the vector drawings is that they are downgraded really poorly. Some parts were missing and some had chopped up outer glows. There also aren't any blurs or fancy effects which make some of the artwork seem flat or odd. Some of them are acceptable and I didn't rip the ones that were just plain awful or wouldn't render correctly.

I also ripped the music. Like other flash sites, the music is loaded from a URL. You can listen to the three tracks by adding /music.mp3 after the URL to listen to the first track. add a 2 or 3 before the .mp3 to hear the other tracks.

I've packed all the good stuff in an archive available for download. Included in the ZIP archive is: chips XML, character artwork, music, sounds, chips, and the logo.

I'm just going to guess here but I think some of the interesting chip images will be in higher demand.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Entering the Reaverbot contest

The Megaman Legends 3 Reaverbot contest recently started and it caught my interest. Now that I have more bored time (during math) I feel more inspired and using my newly acquired art skills I can make a fairly decent concept and even make a good final render. I'm still planning things out and I've already posted my preliminary concept in the MML3 Devroom.

It is called -Kumoshiru!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mega Rock Patch V3.03 + Hard Mode screens

Yeah, it's another patch update. This fixes another bug with the SP Navi routine. There was a critical bug in the game where the player could not battle Colonel when the story required it. Thanks to Prof. 9 though, he fixed his code and everything should work fine now. If you're at the part where you will eventually fight Colonel, make sure to Jack In again to prevent any problems. Once you're stuck there, it's very difficult to get back on track.

This is similar to what happened with an anon recently. However, that save was rescued and Prof. 9 posted a save at the part after Colonel. I encourage other people to take the save for the sake of bug-hunting. It's almost at the end of the game and I haven't received any bugs at that point.

Here is the save.

Anyways, here is V3.03 of the patch which corrects this issue.

The main patch is still fairly stable and I've been able to work on Hard Mode now. Prof. 9 recommended a neat idea that would increase the difficulty of the game. You may have already heard of it, but he managed to implement a "Folder Capacity" system. Take a look at the screenshot below.
Here is an empty folder with the maximum capacity available.

When you add chips, the number goes up. It's sort of like real hard drive space and each folder can have a maximum of 1600MB.

Once you reach your limit, you can't exit the folder screen. Here, the folder is using 1639MB out of a total 1600MB. It's 39MB over!

You may have noticed that most of the chips have had their MB raised. This should make it more difficult to make an over-powered folder and will force you to reconsider the folder you'll be using.

Your current Folder Capacity can be checked in the status screen. When you have the maximum regular memory of 50MB, your Folder Capacity becomes 1600MB.

I thought it was a brilliant system. It's something I wish the Battle Network games had implemented sooner. For the first few games, the unique number became almost negligible. Now it will play a bigger role. Currently, I've raised the MB of several chips but it seems to be counter-productive as higher MBs prevent the number of those chips in a folder. You would be forced to use many different chips. I am considering lowering the maximum capacity since apparently there are still several decent folders you can make with that sort of limit. Also, your starting folder exceeds the current capacity, so that will have to be changed as well. Anything can still change. The programs seen equipped in the previous screenshot should not be possible in the final version of the Hard Mode patch. Navi Cust Parts will become a luxury and being able to equip more than 3 would be difficult.

I'm sure expert players will have fun. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Upgrading my old computer

I have enough money saved to consider upgrading my computer again. Unfortunately, I'm always very uncertain in these sort of decisions. Plus, my computer is really old. I bought it in late 2004 and in computer years, that's ancient. But last year I raised its RAM from 512MB to 2GB and noticed significant improvement.
Anyways, now that I want to use my computer as a reliable design platform, I need to get ANY video card and a decent monitor. These improvements should make the design programs not run as slow with large documents and have fairly believable color accuracy. I've heard of the stories where people ruined their computers because they didn't research. Well I've researched a lot now and I recommend people who are looking to upgrade to do the same.

I had to figure out all the specs on my computer first. You can check DxDiag by going to Start > Run, or Windows + R. Under the Display tab should be the graphics card. My computer is from 2004 and I have VIA/S3G Unichrome IGP with 64MB of integrated graphics. That's garbage now and it's no wonder I can't watch full screen video, much less anything HD.

I looked up the specs of my computer model and I found a full page of specs on the manufacturer's site. Googling HP Pavillion a800n brought it up. This particular model has 3 expansion slots: PCI, AGP, and DIMM. PCI graphics cards are almost non-existent now. AGP is the way to go.
I have no idea what is in one of the slots already, but I still have 2 left.

I also need to know the maximum power supply the computer can take. I opened the computer, dusted it, and looked on the sticker on the box.
It says max 250W meaning I was limited to 250W cards, which is really hard to find since the wattage isn't always mentioned.

For a computer this old, finding a graphics card it can use is impossible to find in retail stores. seems to be a reliable source for parts. The user feedback is great and parts seem to be in good condition. I'm considering a graphics card for about $40 and the feedback is motivating. Almost all of the buyers say it "breathes life back into old machines". And that it's perfect if you have no video card. Then it must be perfect for me, right?

Then after that, I should be able to buy a new high-def monitor with better color support. I've been using this Hyundai Imagequest crap since 2004. Using the lagom LCD Screen test, I was never able to get good results on contrast. It must be bad for my eyes if the color white looks red or a slightly blue. My current screen resolution is 1280x1024, which is okay, but isn't enough room to work with. The widescreens at school are wonderful and I have plenty of room to work with. 5:4 just isn't a screen ratio that's used all that much anymore. You can check TREZ's eXtreme Tracker stats for visitors and their screen resolutions. There's a growing trend.
Oh, and did I mention how laughably outdated my current monitor's gamma settings screen looks like?
Ugh. It's like 1999 all over again. >_>

So basically, I've had a taste of the best, and now I can't go back. School starts Monday for me and it looks like I'll be having a full Mac day as well. All the computers there are very nice. I hope now they upgrade the Windows computers to Windows 7, because it's sad to see such a large screen wasted on the Classic theme.

I estimate the monitor and graphics card to cost a total of $200. Even though the computer is old, at least the monitor will be good for a new computer. Good thing I backed up all 20GB of my stuff the other day. Any losses would be negligible.

That reminds me, I think I need a new keyboard too...

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Patch quick-fix

The patch needed a quick fix. Apparently the Link Navi quest bug was no isolated incident. The routine for enabling leveling status for Link Navis interfered with the flag that allowed you to play as them. The routine has been fixed and labeled now. If you are ever stuck at this part now, just keep trying to exit until you can return to the real world. Thanks to Prof. 9 for the fix.
Also, the Falzar RV battle has been added. I know expert players won't have a problem, but it's a nice bonus battle for getting absolutely everything. After obtaining all 9 icons, go to the CopyBot Comp and Falzar RV becomes a random encounter.

Mega Rock Patch V3.02 can be downloaded from the link below.

Now is probably the best time to start working on Hard Mode. I assume the major bugs are already taken care of. I was planning on using the OSS mugshots of Lan and Megaman fr Hard Mode. I tried to get rid of the awkwardness. Tell me if something is still odd about them.

These are the originals.

Here are the modified ones.