Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mega Rock Patch V3.01

I think I've gotten enough bugs to correct to release an update. I can't believe people were playing for so long without discovering how many broken chips there were. Most of the core aspects should be okay.

Download V3.01 below.

Here is the change log.

* Fixed a bug where StepCross was locking on incorrectly.
* Expanded the animations of the full syncro ring so SyncTrigger works on Crosses.
* Fixed several chip bugs where random chips had unnecessary secondary elements applied to them.
* Updated the Stuffed Toy Zone Mr.Prog dialog to include an intro message for Link Navi operating.
* Corrected battle settings for Test Virus and GD Navi battles. It should be possible to obtain an S-rank if the enemies are defeated in under 30 seconds.

Now that the patch seems stable, I can start working on Hard Mode. I'll have some preview pics tomorrow. The pictures won't say much, though. The game will actually be more difficult. And not just higher enemy HP. I'm going to make sure the game gets balanced, too. Oh, and some epic chip nerfs, too. It won't be as easy to execute those OP combos in the game and I'm making that my top priority for Hard Mode.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mega Rock Patch V3 Released!

The patch is here! Everything you need is in the ReadMe. But more importantly, I have to thank Prof. 9 for his various ASM hacks. Really, just thanks.

Now that the patch has been released, I have to get ready to fix any bugs people may encounter. I'm giving it a week. After that, I can begin the next step.

Yeah. I'm making a Hard Mode out of my patch. All the new features in a more difficult game. I'm going to make sure even the veterans have a hard time. And that cheap OP combos won't work as easily. Keep checking for more info.

Mega Rock Patch Trailer

The patch is completed. Here is a teaser trailer to satisfy you in the meantime.

The patch was supposed to be released earlier today but some complications delayed it (secret library numbers, some descriptions)

The official Mega Rock Patch V3 will be released around noon December 25, 2010. Just keep checking until it appears. It's already finished and will publish this Saturday.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Patch Update: Stufffed Toy Zone features

The Mega Rock Patch is nearing its completion! Today, Prof. 9 completed the area script for the Stuffed Toy Zone. It was no easy task and I deeply thank him for his efforts. There were several new ASM hacks that had to be done and tools that had to be made just to get this finished. The biggest new addition to the patch is this right here!

There is a Mr.Prog in the Stuffed Toy Zone that greets you at first with a one-time message.

Up to 6 services can be offered by the end of the game. This will truly add more depth to the game. These features will allow you to explore aspects of the game that were once impossible to do without hacks in the normal game.
Talk simply brings up the Mr.Prog's default message. Being a Link Navi brings up a unique comment about that Navi.
SubChip opens a SubChip shop which should be necessary for the battles in the area.
NetBattle allows you to battle Gregar-version Navis so you may get their chips and records. You can even fight Gregar!
LinkNavi lets you choose a Gregar-version Navi to play as. It is only temporary but they work fine. Link Navis selected here are not affected by leveling up status that Falzar-version Navis obtain.
SoundTest lets you listen to any music or sounds from the game.

In this screenshot, I've selected the ProgFolder, a new folder in the game which features some secret chips. There is also one more secret folder with very powerful chips. You obtain it at the very end of the game, though.

The Mr.Prog connects you to a SubChip shop. This option is available when you are first allowed to enter the area.

You can fight Gregar-version Navis. The Mr.Prog sends a request to the Navi's operator for the Net Battle.

Under LinkNavi, you can choose from up to 6 Navis. Remember that these Navis won't have level power ups. Protoman is unlocked later in the game and works perfectly fine. Right now I still have to fix his sprite so that playing as Protoman uses his BN5 overworld sprite and keeps it for the duration of the swap. All Link Navi swaps are in effect until you Jack-out. You can't keep the Navis in your PET.

Here, I've switched to Chargeman. The screen fades and the transformation is done. Setting this up was more complicated than it seems.

The patch also fixes all emotion window and Navi emblem problems. You can't see the emblem here, but it's fixed. Chargeman's emotion window is also being used properly. One thing that hasn't been fixed as of this posting, however, is the special chip. Gregar-version Navis have null chips for their specials. It shouldn't be too hard to fix.

Everything I have mentioned in these updates will be added in the patch. Playing through this patch will make the game feel fresh and slightly new. You can even consider the Mega Rock Patch to be a "Megaman Battle Network 6: Plus". It's the expansion Capcom could never make. These features should add new depth to the game. It's almost here!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Cybeast Falzar artwork

Got my Falzar booklet now. Personally, I don't like how the Falzar rip turned out. They added a very thick and dark drop shadow to it and much of the outline detail was lost. Looks like I'll have to find a cleaner source to rip from. Also, they cropped it so that parts of the wing and tail don't appear. I understand why they would do that but it's bad for rips.

The Beast Out rip came out kind of nice. It's also cropped but it shouldn't be a big deal.

The Cybeast rips are all at least usable. I've been able to make 40x48 mugshots out of them that I can probably fit into my patch somewhere. Isn't it nice? I scanned my instruction booklet and now that image will appear in the game.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patch Update: NaviCust fix

This might seem kind of minor, but my patch fixes a Navi Cust error that was present since BN5. For some reason, only the US games removed a feature where Megaman would remind you that there is a bug in the Navi Customizer. I've heard the Japanese games utilized this feature. In the US game, both messages have been translated to read exactly the same, thus eliminating the reminder message.

I have fixed that and now Megaman will remind you that there is a bug in the Navi Cust! Amazing, right?
There are more differences between this screenshot and the last one. Apparently I had COMPLETELY messed up all of the Gregar-version character mugshots. I am planning on using them and it would be useful if they actually worked correctly.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cybeast Gregar artwork

It turns out there's no good artwork of the Cybeasts available. There's the nice clean boxart version - but for some reason, the designer added some awful yellow brush strokes to the edges, thus diminishing the overall shape. The Japanese ones weren't in high enough quality either. Then I remembered I have the instruction booklet for MMBN6. My new printer gets some decent quality scans compared to the old one. I think GM ripped the same image I did, only I couldn't find it. I remember it was blurry and oversaturated.

Anyways, here is a good, clean scan of Cybeast Gregar.
Also, this was on the back and was worth ripping.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The New TREZ Logo

The new logo has OFFICIALLY been revealed. It can be seen as a banner on the forums right now. I had been designing the logo in the meantime. The full explanation can be found on the forums.

My motivation behind this change was TREZ's lack of identity. I care about TREZ and until now, all we had were a bunch of awful banners with the site's name written in whatever "cool" font was found. Attempts at a logo had been made before. First it was that old logo with the silver emblem. I made it and I thought it looked HORRIBLE when I saw it used as the forum's banner. It suffered from alignment, linespacing, and execution issues. The second attempt was made by Greiga Master when he tried to make a logo for the site similar to MMSF3's logo. Idea was good; execution was terrible. The text was slanted beyond necessity. The sword bleeding into the outline looked awkward and out-of-place. The slanted squares were excessively blurred due to the fact that everything in the logo was pixel-based. A large, circular, blurred object was thoughtlessly thrown in the back to make up for its horrible white space issues. A crop had to be made to even serve as a banner. In fact, I still have the logo on me so a comparison can be made.



Legibility has clearly improved. You could hardly read "EXE ZONE" on the old logo. The new logo's message is clearer and gets to the point as opposed to the old logo which was confused and unplanned. The new logo also has broader applications. The head can be used as an icon as seen on my profile. Even on small sizes, the logo can be understood now. If you look closely on the new logo, the letters for TREZ have a small sparkle indicating the abbreviation.

A few more banners will return to TREZ. This time they should have a consistent, "Megaman" feel to them and they will all feature the new logo. Those should start appearing over the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Megaman Star Force 3 sprites

Today I decided to rip all the sprites from the game. There was a tedious method that would have all the overworld sprites dumped in under an hour. And if I ever wanted to submit properly formatted sprites, I could search the PNGs.

All the overworld sprites are in there. There are no alternate colors and a few duplicates. The Star Force games also tend to make a new sprite file for character animations that are exclusive to one map, which leads to chaotic organization. Also, unusual objects have FULL walk cycles which in turn leads to large PNG files. Seriously, does a paper airplane and a bowl of soup need a full walk cycle?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Megaman Star Force Guide Images

Midnite happened to find me some PDFs of the Megaman Star Force 1 Strategy Guide and the Megaman Star Force 2 Wave Card Kit. PDFs are useful because they always have lots of interesting information to learn from. Unfortunately, the images in the PDFs are really low quality, probably to stop people like me. It's too bad because there were a few interesting pieces in there like exclusive character artwork.
I also figured out that the US-version of the Megaman Star Force logo uses the font Aachen Bold for the part that says "STARFORCE". It's a fascinating font, really. It's the only font they've used which has slab serifs like that. It's really exciting to find out what fonts were used by Capcom.

Anyways, I was able to get a few images off the PDFs. It's not much, though.

While I'm posting images, I decided to clean up a few more pieces from Dark Miyabi's Official Complete Works scans.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mega Rock Patch Preview 2

I'm making excellent progress on my patch. Perhaps even to finish this week...

Today I'm announcing the second biggest addition to the patch. It sort of coincides with the first addition. I have converted the Stuff Toy Shop Comp to the Stuff Toy Zone. This area can be considered a bonus area since the extra stuff will go here.
The map's color palette is a reversed version of the ACDC HP  palette. No new characters have been added to the map, though. No NEW characters.

 The meat of the area is the random encounters. Over 20 battles can be fought here and almost all of them will be unlocked in some way. From the start, you should be able to find the battle above. The Test Virus is a tough enemy to defeat due to the high HP. The Test Virus also drops plenty of rare goodies, including Secret chips. If you S-rank the battle, there is a 25% chance you'll get one of the Arm Chips from the Test Virus.

Ghost Data Navis will also be fought here. GD Navis all share a similar color palette and are extremely difficult versions of the original Navi. There are GD versions for all Link Navis. All GD Navis drop rare chips and Secret Chips. If you're lucky enough to S-rank them, you'll win a Giga Chip! For Falzar-version GD Navis, you get secret chips as 9 and S rank.

Finally, after you've obtained the Beast Link Gate icon, you can find this battle. Falzar and Gregar Beasts in their Omega version. As you can see, Gregar Beast has his Fire Sword attack again. Thanks to Prof. 9 for making that possible. His AI has been rewritten to resemble Falzar Beast's AI more. This way, GBeast won't be using Double Slash 97% of the time. The attack is kind of glitchy and the red sword slash sprite doesn't appear. The attack also hits instantly, so it's unlike other swords. Also, if you look closely, you'll see I got rid of that "Megaman gray" that used to be in the white part of the sword. Most of the older chip attacks were using Megaman's old sprite's palette or a variation of it. Back then, the color white was almost always replaced by a high-gray which looked really bothersome on swords. But that's just minor changes.
If you happen to S-rank this battle, you WILL get Double Beast. It's part of completing the Secret Library.

There is still one MAJOR addition this patch will feature. Prof. 9 is almost done with it and the reason he is working on it is because the idea requires extensive ASM hacking.

Friday, December 3, 2010

More Megaman artwork

Slightly dismayed by the delay of the Megaman Battle Network Official Complete Works release, I decided to once again ask Dark Miyabi for a scan from the book. This time it's a scan of a page with Megaman's various artworks from past games. I had my focus on one particular piece on the page. Can you guess which one it is?

I cleaned up the scan to the best of my ability and removed the white background. Some parts just couldn't clean up well and I'll have to start trying different techniques to get better results. Once again, thanks Dark Miyabi.

Quick update, I've also cleaned up this piece from page 50.
Helmetless Megaman EXE