Sunday, August 29, 2010

Megaman Network Transmission files

I got a hold of the ISO for Megaman Network Transmission and took a peek inside the game's files. The only files I could open were the THP video files. There was also some .pic files I could open with a Photoshop plugin. Some folders also contained the "RockmanPicConv.exe" file along with .bat files. There is a THP video player which I used to see all of the game's cutscenes. Too bad I couldn't record them since the recording quality always came out choppy. The Zero scene is awesome.

All of the game's text is uncompressed so I could see all the dialog. They keep everything organized by using <> brackets to isolate message box effects. It's like using scripts. They could use for a new line. for a message that lets you exit a choice selection. for selections. It seems a lot more organized. There weren't any debug scripts I could find but there were some messages that seemed to relate to them. They might belong to a menu since they don't do anything if they're placed in <> brackets.

The messages were:
movie test layer
motion test
sound test
chip spply test
area select
message test

They seem like they belong on a debug menu. It's also interesting to note that "supply" is actually misspelled like that. I assume that's all chips.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another background

I made another background again. I finally decided to make Photoshop brushes that would improve my technique. With simple distortions and circuitboard patterns, I could make this awesome new tech background.

They always look overly complicated and I know I can never stop there. It's all about trying and improving. Never stop trying.

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Inkscape tutorial

I wrote an Inkscape tutorial I've been meaning to finish. It's a tutorial for a quick 3D text tutorial. I figured out that the best way to make a line is by two points, not millions of points to simulate a line. It's logical and easy.

See it at the Inkscape Forum.

This also works in Adobe Illustrator using the equivalent tools. Fancying it up is also what made me try to achieve the effects used in the current Megaman logo.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mega Rock Patch v3

Yes. That was my project all along! I had been working on my latest patch. This time, rather than editing the old version, which was corrupted in several places, I dumped my own rom and began making edits. There are a few more edits this time and it's still a work in progress. Right now, I've released some betas so I can get feedback. But it looks all right. Thanks to Greiga Master and Prof. 9, I could add some hacks that would otherwise be impossible.

The picture you see above is the new title screen I added. I decided not to remake the entire logo and just make a new background. Simple because linear gradients make bad backgrounds.

New chips have been added to the Library; either converted or new. I'm still figuring out a legitimate way for the chips to be obtained. The patch is still supposed to conserve the qualities of the original game.

I will post new updates when I can work on it more. It's going to be awesome.