Saturday, November 28, 2009

New wallpaper

If you've played the new EXE game, one of the few new things is a background of Megaman's emblem outlined in blue.  It looked neat and simple so I decided to make it into a wallpaper.
I'm posting a source so I don't have to export multiple sizes.

Download source

I can start ripping screens from the game though.  Check the Sprites INC topic for new rips.

Episode 10 stuff

Now that the really unique content from episode 10 of the New Crisis has shown up, I feel like publicly releasing some of my resources.

First off, the Shooting Star Key.  It's an item I developed for purely fictional purposes.  I thought, "well since this has to do with waves and space, I should reference Shooting Star somehow."

Here is the key in its original output.

It's supposed to be a key with the emblem inside an orb.  I made it a "chip image" to make it show up in the results screen. So to cleverly blend it with the background, I saved it with the background color.  Here is what the image really looked like when I put it in the game.

The same is true for all 5 key colors.

Next up is the Mr. Prog battle.  I made more frames out of the BN6 sprite to simulate animation.  I think it came out well.  Here is the full sprite sheet I made and used.

Using Greiga Master's custom sprite making program, I could add it into the game.  This is one reason I had to delay the episode; I needed the custom sprites.

Download the BN sprite file

You can use the file with Greiga Master's new program, the sprite list viewer, to easily add it to the game.  It's fully playable.  I made it in a way that if you ever get to control it, the animations make sense.

I also made a wave road in part 10-2.  It was meant only to cross the open path and even animates.  I'm surprised I didn't see as much reaction to it.

Also new in this episode is Lan's new animation.  Remember from Part 1?  He said "On Air"

There are the new sprites.  It may seem like a rearranged version of his old animation but the last 2 frames are new and that was something I decided to do after the sprite maker was made.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

New Crisis - 10-2

Part 2 of Episode 10 is finished.  I just had to add a few more seconds to it.  It is now the longest video I have uploaded.  If this keeps up, 10-3 will be more of the same.  10-4 should be nearing the last area and 10-5 should have the final battle.  This is going to be so exciting!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Teaser 4 - not much progress

The past day-and-a-half, Greiga Master wanted to work on another program.  He took away the time I could have been working on the episode.  It's difficult stuff though.

In the programming side, GM wanted to make a sprite list viewer.  You know the sprite list I ALWAYS refer to and nobody seems to understand?  Well that is simplified in a VERY sophisticated program I helped create.  Not only does it let you see everything on the list regardless of compression, but it lets you browse the frames AND extract/import sprites.

Here is a screenshot of the program in progress.  I think it's really well made.

It's not done yet but it should be.

Back to New Crisis, I had a hard time importing the next map.  It's just those tiny imperfections that bothered me.  I managed to fix the map as best as I could but the there will be more patching this time.  I don't think anybody even noticed the patches from the first map.

But the hardest part is out of the way now.  I hope to start recording Mr Prog battles by tomorrow.  Maybe even release Part 2 if I have enough time.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Crisis 10; Teaser 3

I've made significant progress today.  I not only finished the Mr Prog battles, but I finished the Magnetman battle as well.  This means area 1 is complete.  It got me thinking that maybe I shouldn't hold back on the episode parts as I originally said.  I can try compiling a video as soon as I get another 10 minutes.  This time no rushing or promised dates.

Here is the teaser screenshot from the next part.

The moves are by contest winner, darkcrosz who picked an excellent moveset.  I thought the battle came out a little easy but see that tackle attack there, I thought that was awesome.  Oh, but I also gave away the backgrounds used in the battles.  Get used to them because they look awesome, too!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New file host; reuploads

With the collapse of WHFF, I am forced to switch hosts.  Greiga Master recommended I use  The upload limit is smaller, but at least it can upload files that large.

I've reuploaded most of the files I had immediate access to.  Here are the download links to those files.

The SFMegaman BN sprite file with ReadMe included.

MMBN State Saves

Onimusha Blade Warriors Megaman-music tracks

Lunar Knights DS Star Force Crossover Music

MMSF1-2 Sounds Rip

MMSF3 Sounds and Voices Rip *NEW*

MMBN5 Double Team DS Sounds and Voices Rip

Notice that the SF3 Sounds and Voices rip is new.  I released the voices before but this time, I've included basic sounds.  They're in their original archive name, which isn't good.  I'd rather have their original name but that's not possible.  The sounds are great.  You know, coming from the last well-made Megaman RPG game made.

And finally, to make up for all the broken links out there, I've assembled the BN Hack Kit.  In it, there are several programs and utilities useful in hacking BN games.  It includes State saves, my BN6 perfect save and a handful of useful programs.  All programs are products of their original authors.  I didn't make any of the programs.  Most of them are Greiga Master's programs.

Download the BN Hack Kit.

Download is for registered members of TREZ only.  I am obliged by Greiga Master to do this.

Enjoy them downloads!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

More New Crisis progress

I spent some time today preparing the custom map I will use.  After much hassle, I've finally managed to correctly display the map in the game.  I even got the background all functioning.
Here is the second sneak peak.

It's not from any particular scene.  It's just a screenshot of it functioning.  Only a very small portion did not show up but can EASILY be patched up with a sprite.  It will be amazing when it all comes to life!  Tomorrow, I expect to complete the scenario involving this map.  This is where the doors with faces appear.  It is also where the contest winner's Magnetman entry will appear.  It is very exciting to see this progress being made.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

SF Megaman playable in BN6

It was going to be possible, no matter what.  I adjusted the sprite file to work on BN6.  You can download it along with instructions.  With it, it is possible to do such simple hacks as the one in the video below.

It is a very graphical-only change, obviously.  But it's still fun.

Friday, November 13, 2009

OSS Site stuff

So as you may have already known, the OSS site updated with a download section.

You can download lots of things there.  Among one of them is a "mystery download".  Obviously, it's Forte, or as the Japanese say, Forute.

Click the link below to download it ahead of time. ;)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

OSS sprites are here!

The game is finally out and I ripped some of the more high-demand rips.

SFMegaman overworld
SF Megaman In-battle
Clockman In-battle
Rogue In-battle

I know, they couldn't have ruined Rogue's sprite anymore. >_>
I'll post sprite files soon.  They have to be modified to work on newer BN games.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First teaser

Remember, I am working on the final episode.  It's tedious work especially with the sudden, unexpected errors.  At this rate, I may be able to have the first 10 minutes done by the end of the week.  I will upload that part earlier than the rest.  The other parts will be uploaded at once like I've done before.

Now here is the first screenshot.  It's from the first scene.

What could be going on?  I learned something from this scene.  Apparently, only 12 sprites can be on the map at once.  I reached the limit in my little crowd over there.  Most of them, like the characters whose sprites are compressed and therefore area-specific, were added with the custom sprite maker.  And that Lan a FAKE!  It's just part of a custom animation.  You'll see when I'm done.

Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a crossover week!

I think this came out as interesting.  This week, Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star is released.  Neat little crossover there.  And also this week, it's the CSI Crossover on CBS, where CSI Las Vegas goes to Miami and New York.  I'm thrilled about this week.  Plus, it's a holiday on Wednesday.  That will give me time to finish TNC.  I'll try to get part 1 up earlier than the rest.  It's all coming together now!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

100th post

It's about time.  This is the 100th post on my blog.  Also, the Battle Network Custom Sprite Maker is completed.

Here is a demonstration video of the potential it has.

Isn't it awesome?  8-bit Megaman vs 8-bit Protoman.  This freedom in sprites will allow amazing effects for the final episode of The New Crisis.  I can officially begin now.  As for a public release, it doesn't seem to be happening soon.  Greiga Master is reluctant to release it but I'll try to convince him to do so.

Here are the sprite files I used.  They can be used in BN5-6 like any other sprite.

8-bit Megaman sprite
8-bit Protoman sprite