Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New hacking sub-guide

I've finished writing a new sub-guide for BN6 hacking.  I've been meaning to get it done because the information wasn't clear.  The guide is about creating your own custom cutscenes.  It shouldn't surprise you that it's all so fake.  The result is believable because I've been using it in The New Crisis all this time and I still have people thinking it's a permanent game-hack.

You can see the guide in TREZ's Sub Guides section.  You should be able to see it by simply registering.
See the guide!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Megaman Battle Network logo

Well I thought that since I was logo-happy recently, I should try to make a vector version of the Megaman Battle Network logo.  Logos for any game of the series is quite rare.  The TREZ Gallery has a nice collection of them.  What I have is an upscaled and editable version of the Battle Network 6 logo.  I liked the style more on that one.

This is the final product. (click for a bigger version)

And in case you don't want the 6 there, I exported a plain version, too.

I think it's so well made that I might use it or make something out of it someday.  Better than the outdated BN1 logo everybody keeps taking just because it's a sprite.  Speaking of which, here is a sprite version if for whatever reason you'd want one like that.

If you want to edit the logo directly, I've uploaded the SVG file for it.  Isn't it amazing?  I wish I had this option in the past.
Download Inkscape SVG file

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Background Eraser Tool is awesome!

I've finally figured out how to use the background eraser tool in Photoshop.  I always ignored it but I was trying things out and I could finally do what I wanted: Cut out the ultra-high-res Megaman Star Force 3 logo from the background.  It works and it looks awesome.  I'm posting the high-res ones.  More reasonably-sized versions will be posted in the TREZ Gallery soon.

I can use these for a neat vector project I was working on.
Apparently the largest size can't be uploaded here.  I've packed these in their original resolution in a .7z file.  It's 30 MB.  I can hardly imagine anyone having any use for it but they are in good quality.

Download the high-res logos.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Crisis spoilers

The final episode will be BIG!  There are lots of changes and surprising coming.  The first one I'd like to spoil is WaveMan's new form.  Somewhere along the script, he will change.  I might make the part come sooner.  Here is the new mugshot and overworld sprite I did today.


Tough stuff but I like how it came out.  Stick around for more updates.  I wish the map editor wasn't taking so long.  I could have started by now.