Monday, April 27, 2009

Capcom Flash files

Megaman logo
You know those images on flash pages you could never really get without interference?  Well I was able to extract the files from the pages to isolate the art.  Most of them are transparent PNGs and are really useful.  But most of the files from BN6, however, are bitmaps, so no transparency.  Still, they are quite a collection.

Download them here! (17.09 MB)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Megaman Star Force 3

As you may already know, Capcom of America recently updated their Megaman page to include MMSF3 content.  It's quite amazing.  The release is coming...
You can find it at:

Also, I've extracted all the files from the Satellite Server.  This means you can browse through their content such as images.  There are a few good ones.

The TREZ Gallery also has some of the images.

And finally, I finished the main story in MMSF2 alredy.  It's really enjoyable.  Though this time when I played, I took notes.  In a couple of days, GameFAQs should have some map guides I made.  And within the next week, my Blue Mystery Wave List and HP Memory List guides should be complete.  In the end, it was good practice because when I start playing MMSF3, I'll do the same thing and maybe more.  

...oh, and one last thing.  If you're reading this, please leave a comment at least.  It's kind of strange to have zero comments on everything I post.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The New Crisis - Episode 8.5

It's finally out! I only worked on it for two days, about 15 hours. It's an amazing Crossover episode that required a lot of effort. Purely my fiction, so the real one probably didn't go that way.

You can watch on the Youtube video player

Just Part 1. There is another part to it that I am currently working on.


Part 2 is done. Now on to Episode 9!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some vector logos

I may have already mentioned these, but there is nothing wrong with putting these out more.

As you may not know, Future Publishing is the company that prints Nintendo Power. I needed it for a school project, but I had a hard time looking for a hi-res version that I could use. So I found a PDF that had their vector graphics and now, this should be the largest version of their logo on most of the Internet.

Here is the Future plc logo:

Plus, I got to snatch a Nintendo logo as well. Also very clean and hi-res:
Of course, this means these images can be used as you wish. Desktops, fake magazine covers, collections.