Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cool new 3D background

I'm still at it with the backgrounds thing, which has really become more of a personal exercise as I try to match the official Capcom backgrounds in terms of quality.

Anyways, this time I played with Illustrator CS5's perspective grid tool. Its also one of those cool, relatively new 3D tools which I see seldom get used. So this time instead of trying to make 3D backgrounds in Photoshop (and its 3D tools do not get the job done here) I tried Illustrator for a clean vector approach. Here is what I came up with.
The trick is similar to the previous backgrounds with this pattern. I made 3 more patterns and recycled 3 old ones and made 2 layers of different arrangements. Then I took those and layed them across the "walls" of the 3D grid so as to give the impression that one is looking up at it. Another important part I wanted to focus on was the top squares part. One time when I woke up at night, I noticed my AT&T U-verse box was lit and created a neat receding pattern on the wall through the vents. I knew that had to be a key feature I had to achieve through 3D tools. Finally, taking advantage of the 3D space, I created this glowing center similar to one of the Star Force backgrounds used by Capcom. I really like how it seems to glow and neutralize the center colors and where the shapes intersect.

This is only just practice. For next time, I would take into consideration how the square patterns are made and placed. The glowing wireframes above and below should be further expanded so as to keep a consistent perspective appearance. They should also be directly above and below each other and not just slid across sloppily. Finally, how about some protruding beams? It would truly give it a grand, dynamic look.

But in the end, I've gotten familiar with tricks few people are familiar with which just puts me at an advantage I really need. I think no other tool could have done this better. The flexibility is all there and I'm ready to go further with it!