Thursday, April 29, 2010

Megaman Zero Collection US site updates

The US site for upcoming game, Megaman Zero Collection updated today. It turns out that it has a release date of June 8th now. So far it seems like a repack. No reason for that delay they mentioned a while ago.

As the site updates, more features became available. There are locked sections but the content isn't there like on the Star Force site. Darn it. There were also more video links but I could not access them. I could get various artworks used on the site, however. They're PNGs and good quality.

Megaman Zero 4 Logo

Megaman Zero 2 Poster

Megaman Zero

Resistance People

Friday, April 16, 2010

Rockman EXE:OSS sprites

Last time I brought sprites, it was a quick batch with limited release.  This time, I've extracted and bundled almost all the sprites exclusive to Rockman EXE:OSS.  You can download the files right now!


When you extract it, you'll notice there are 3 types of files.
GIF versions (used to submit to Sprites INC)
PNG versions (unmodified PNG generated using Barubary's sprite dumper tool)
BIN versions (the raw BN Sprite file data for the sprites)

For rom hacking, the BIN file would be the most useful.  Before you start whining about the file extensions, know this: The file extension doesn't matter.  It's the bytes inside the file that really matter.  Also, the sprite files contain their small "header" data.  Barubary figured out some of its use.  I'll have to update my specs soon.  In Greiga Master's Sprite List Viewer, this header is referred to as "padding".  They should work in any BN game.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

WaveMan chip

In The New Crisis Epilogue video, a WaveMan chip was rewarded after winning the battle.  Using the more recent artwork of him, I made a chip image out of it.  If you're interested, here is the original high quality version.

After some color reduction and final adjustments, a smaller, game-acceptable version can be made.
Neat, right?

Monday, April 12, 2010


Have you ever been to the DMV?  I just went today.  After 3 hours of continuous waiting, I finally got my picture taken for the DMV.  They also collected a signature and thumb print.  I think an ID will come in the mail soon and if I pass the traffic laws test, I can get a permit!  This is amazing stuff.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Rockman Zero Collection site update

It looks like the Rockman Zero Collection site updated.  There are blocked out sections on the site and I tried to peek at their content.  Unfortunately, I did not succeed.  However, there were several image files I could get and even some sound effects.

I've packed some of the transparent images from the site, some images from Game Kult, and the sound effects.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

BN Sprite File format

I've just written a comprehensive description of the sprite file for MMBN games.  You can check that out at The Rockman EXE Zone.

Sprite files are the files all MMBN games use.  Their format is the same among all the games and there are already some programs utilizing this already.  I hope more breakthroughs can be made.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bass Cross Megaman Vectorized!

I have just completed a small project I set aside for a time like now.  If you recall, I found some interesting colored concept art of Bass Cross Megaman (pictured right) on a French Gaming website.  I uploaded them to the TREZ Gallery a while ago and they are widely used.  However, I was not satisfied with the sketchy, incomplete look of the original concept art.

I've spent the past 2 days (about 5 hours) making a vector version of Bass Cross Megaman.  It was very difficult to complete, topping the difficulty level of the Pirate Tribe rendition, but I am very satisfied with the result because not only did I vectorize it, I improved the shading and even added alternate colors!  And because it's vectorized, I can provide a very high-quality image.  All these images are free to use.  Enjoy them because I know there is a significant lack in decent Bass Cross artwork available to the general public.  In fact, there's even a very shoddy duplicate out there that seems to be very popular.

Bass Cross Megaman Gold
forte bass cross megaman rockman gold

Bass Cross Megaman Silver
forte bass cross megaman rockman silver

Blue Bass Cross Megaman (the color the concept art was originally colored in)
forte bass cross megaman rockman blue

Dark Bass Cross Megaman (based off the dark versions from MMBN5)
forte bass cross megaman rockman dark

If you want the full scale versions (4096x4096) or SVG source files, I've uploaded those as well.  The source files can be edited with Inkscape.


Have fun!