Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pirate Tribe Vector

Yet another interesting concept art from Midnite's scans is Pirate Tribe. Pirate Tribe would have most likely been the Aqua-elemental Tribe form in MMSF2. It isn't the game, obviously so it never had any clean and finalized art. Now I've recreated it and made it better than before.

This is - Pirate Tribe.

Pirate Tribe

For fun: Indie Form

40x48 mugshot

And the symbol separate

Enjoy! I know I had a lot of fun making those.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harp Noise vector

I just had to do this. See, my buddy Midnite from TREZ was kind enough to share pictures from the Shooting Star Rockman Official Complete Works book. It's a big book full of various concept and complete images of all the characters in the game. One of the more well-known concepts is Harp Noise. Apparently it was in the works but dropped for whatever reason. Maybe they chose Cygnus instead. But of course, it doesn't exist. I ripped all the textures in the game and there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Using one of the pictures he took, I was able to make a vector recreation of it. I think it came out kind of nice.

And here is my rendition of what Harp Noise would look if it were in Vibrant Form.

Finally, just for fun, a usable mugshot I made out of it.
This illustration book fascinated me. I didn't know they had a picture of every mugshot and battle card image in its original state. I want to see more - and maybe even the EXE works, too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Dialog Editor

Greiga Master made a new Dialog Editor. This time it's called "Megaman Battle Network 6 Text Hacker". The concept is generally the same. This time, there is a live text display so you won't make any line length errors. It will come in handy when I start working on the final episode of The New Crisis.

Speaking of it. The contest is almost over. Then I can finally write a script and hopefully have that map editor.

Friday, August 21, 2009

EXE OSS site updated

The site finally updated. Look at in the link below.

Not much but at least there's some high-quality screenshots now. The page isn't flash-based so I couldn't get any cool new images. The only notable image I could get is the Mr. Prog.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More vector art: Mettaur revisited

I still remember when I did my first Mettaur vector. Now I think I did much better. And it comes out great in icons. Remember IcoFX? It's an excellent program along with Inkscape.

Here is the regular yellow Mettaur.
Mettaur EXE

And for fun, the Mettaur SP color.
Mettaur SP

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mega Rock Patch v2.4

I've finally finished with my patch. This is the latest version of it. My goal in this patch is to make the game better. Not different, but better. I've prepared a video highlighting some of the changes. Compare it with the original and see the differences yourself.

Download the patch from my WillHostForFood account.

The patch is only for MMBN6 Falzar.

Monday, August 10, 2009

More on EXE:OSS

Some more scans have appeared regarding the new EXE game. A Japanese blog has posted higher quality scans and reveals more details. I can tell from the screens now that the text box is definitely from BN1. Mugshots also have no border now. You can see SF Megaman's mugshot is from SF3 but is missing the border. Looking at Clockman's mugshot, I'd say they're at least using better sprite-creating methods. The appearance is vivid and sharp like mugshots from the Star Force series. What's new is new. Not made to look old. It looks like there is no HP box anywhere on the map. That concerns me.

In another screenshot, Harp Note can be more clearly seen. She looks kind of fat there. The new SF Megaman sprite definitely looks newer and different. That also reminds me. I prepared an animation that compares Megaman EXE's sprite changing over the years.
Megaman's sprite
The SF2-3 sprites were never used. They are the same as the SF1 sprites only minus the border.

And just for fun, a comparison of how SF Megaman's sprite has changed over the years.

Also, I've been doing more vector art lately. It's practice.

Friday, August 7, 2009

EXE:OSS first scans

The first scans have surfaced from the September issue of Coro Coro. First screens from the game, too. Looks like this "remake" is recycling nearly decade-old graphics from BN1. But at least Lan has a new mugshot. Maybe if it stays recycled like this it will be easier to hack, you know. It's still looking interesting. If the flash site updates like the SF3 site did, then I can probably leak advance information really early. If not, then keep checking the TREZ Gallery for new images I might get.

Also, there will be a new Hacked Battle Contest at TREZ. Stick around for details.