Thursday, February 6, 2014

Getting GBA/NDS Music Multitracks

So some months back, I found out about GBA Mus Riper and how it was possible to rip high-quality GBA music with its easy-to-use tools. Later on, though, I realized midis could store each channel's parts separately and that it should be possible to just listen to certain channels in the midi. My search for this led to mostly installing bloated trialware/crippleware that just wasn't what I was looking for.
The NDS side wasn't looking too bright either since the mini2sf format wasn't as workable. I even found a YouTube video that claimed foobar could output multitrack files, but I never found out how (because that would still be faster).

And now, even after being more-or-less familiar with Reaper, there still wasn't a fast enough way to rip each midi channel efficiently. And of course with no installs. My search led me to midicut, a program so old, even modern Windows won't run it. Combined with the light msdos.exe tool which allows midicut to run, I knew it was now possible to rip GBA/NDS multitracks by the batch load.

Keep reading to find out how!