Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Batch: Unused Models

This is partially what I was trying to accomplish. Being able to manipulate the models in game, I could take the unused 3D models from Star Force and use BN5DS as a virtual emulator to process the files. The models should be correct. Shading is a little different and could be an emulator error. While the model format may have been the same as I anticipated, the motions format isn't. Only the the idle animation can be loaded and I'm very certain there are more. A general-purpose BCA0 animation viewer would be needed to progress further. These models, out of proportion and fairly inaccurate, are ideal test subjects which could have been used to explore the game's barely-developed real-world and cyber-world environments. The foot and buster texture, sharing the same textures as the Mega Man model from the previous post, have no animation textures. It is possible these were used for battle models.

Anyways, here is the last batch: the proper idle animations for the 4 character models found in Star Force.