Monday, April 28, 2014

Battle Network 3 Confirmed For Wii U VC

Earlier last week, a listing on some Australian website hinted at the release of MegaMan Battle Network 3 White & Blue for Wii U's GBA Virtual Console. Well now it's been confirmed by Capcom, over at IGN, with more to come in the following months.

Sure, it's odd that they skip over straight to 3, but that's also good because if it's between 1-3, I recommend people start with 3 since 1 is basically incomplete, but 2 has redeemable qualities as well. Speaking qualities - flaws. Battle Network 3 isn't perfect, so read my laundry list of problems and annoyances with it after the break.
  • It's far too Westernized, and fortunately the last to do so in the series. There's no reason it should be Blue and White. It's just arbitrary. Plus, it makes for some kind of ugly box art.
  • Requires trading to "complete" 100%. Yeah, we get it, first to get separate versions. But don't hide all boss fights and unlockables behind that. The worst way to involve both versions. Fortunately BN4 got it right.
  • Bad NCP shrinks. Did anyone even test the game? NaviCust Parts shouldn't get harder to fit by permanently shrinking them.
  • 11th chip glitch. There's no way this trivial overflow glitch should make it through in what is essentially version 3 of the game.
  • 3 games in, of course it's lazy to still be using all the same sprites. Everything is so drab and unappealing - made even more unappealing in the dank original GBA screen.
  • MegaMan's mugshot is pig-disgusting, especially since you'll see it a lot. They decided to use the same palette on his face that they did for his battle sprite, overworld sprite, chip image, chip attacks, and all for no reason, since BN1! That's not how the hardware works. You're not saving colors, it just looks bad. MegaMan isn't cross-eyed with blue eyes. Incredible that stayed for as long as it did.

There. It's not perfect, but it's much less offensively awful. You're welcome.
  • FlamMan. That is all.
  • Some of the bosses were so awful and forgettable. DrillMan has, what 2 attacks? BubbleMan might as well be an obstacle. DarkMan might be the laziest boss ever conceived in the series.
  • Those boss flinch times. It just lacks function and was fortunately made short and consistent later.
  • Bosses are not balanced. The strongest randomly-encountered FlashMan will still always be really weak because he's the first boss. No refightable strong versions either.
  • MegaChips are new, but they're padded out in the worst possible way. Fortunately 4-6 got this right with increasing attack powers replacing weak Navi chips you'll never use.
  • FolderBack lol
  • Aren't the shake and wind blower chips just the worst?
  • Required NaviCust for navigation. Yeah, NaviCust is new, but nobody is gonna make room for useless Press just to go places. It's called a Key Item. BN4 got this right with the jet board thingy.
  • Why did they get rid of the Jack-In animation from the localized versions lol?
  • Net stays dead after you beat the game. Bad oversight. Never do that.
  • Chaud tells you to battle him at Hades Isle, but why not just do it there? It makes it seem like he's at two places at once when it didn't have to be.
  • Punk is only in Blue/Black version! Dumb that there should even be a superior version.
  • Still has crap Zeta PAs. Wow, use 3 StepSword chips to... use the chip 3 times in a hurry! Awful stuff all around.
But hey, at least the extra folders were sort of good and varied. Points for that.


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