Thursday, February 20, 2014

MMBN6 Co-Op Battles

It's that co-op concept re-explored. This time, made nearly flawless by GM and his ASM hacking. It's quite a neat concept since it's basically never been done like this before.
You can watch the match from both view points.


Pas said...

Wow! Amazing.

This sis something I always wished for

Ans chance to get this released ?

Runs super smooth. I'm stunned there are virtually no glitches.
(I surmise both, host and client have to have the code active ?)

Would be nice to have this in action replay / codebreaker format, since using real hardware is always preferred.

Mega Rock.exe said...

I hope it gets released. It's an IPS patch that changes some of the game's code. I don't think it could be done as a cheat.

Asfand said...

Lol, didn't I ask you about this a few months ago? Neat tho, uve got me wanting to play now too. On a side note, I got a question, did you ever upload any of your save files for BN6?

Mega Rock.exe said...

It should have been the one included in the guides. If not, I'll upload it again along with that Boktai 3 save form the cart I bought. The save has been sitting on my desktop for months.

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