Saturday, June 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: Billy, Django, and SciLab Area!

Here are this week's important and semi-important events.

Look, I'm almost finished with that Billy Hatcher game. I got to the final boss, but I couldn't figure out how to win so I'll finish later.

Greiga Master is at it again with advanced ASM hacking. An EXE6 table was found, the one mistake at 58 corrected, and was appropriated to extract and edit the Japanese game's text. Additionally, I updated the well-documented text table for BN6 I had gotten from someone to include the Japanese characters. You can get that here. It's probably not correct somewhere, though. Sorry.

The Japanese version of the game has a kerning table, but it forces a square or some other limitations like that. GM found a way to copy the US version's proper spacing table and imported it's Latin letters since the Japanese's version looked horrible.

Japanese font and kerning.
US font and kerning in Japanese game.
The translation is janky like that because the script was simply Bing and/or Google Translated. It seems to make some sense. Oh, but even better, the in-battle scenes get their proper English translations since those were actually left in the game. Look at all the screens below!

Of course, the obvious choice now is to take the Japanese game and put the translated English text in it for the true definitive version of the game or some similar variation. Is such a thing even possible?

And finally, look at this neat, near-perfect background animation of BN5's Sci Lab Area!


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