Monday, June 10, 2013

Mandatory Google + Sign Up

The time has finally come for YouTube account holders to link their profiles with Google +. Of course, I always held it off as long as possible but they got me now. However, it looks like they did take feedback from before and now you can choose which name you want to use, or even create a new one.

Here's the catch: you get two accounts: whatever you signed up with Google as, and your YouTube. When I switched, it introduced my Google + page to me, using the MegaRockReborn name I chose on YouTube. On YouTube, I appeared using the name I signed up with Google as. So there I am on my YouTube account and apparently I have no videos! Well, you can switch between the two accounts and I think they can both have their own set of videos. There was no avatar, so I had to reupload it on Google +, which caused it to show up on YouTube. So now, everything appears fine and just like before, it's just that I have another account with them. I don't have to use Google +, I guess. My videos also show up there.

Might as well take it, people. There are no other options left.


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