Monday, May 6, 2013

Joybus Link in Dolphin

Ever wonder how to use the Joybus option on Dolphin? Joybus is a term used for GameBoy Advance to GameCube linking. Some games made use of this feature and as you know now, Billy Hatcher is one of those. This linkup is possible with VBA-M and Dolphin. I recorded a short video showing this process going on.
I don't know if that lag is intentional but at least it seems to work. After it loads in VBA-M, you can get a 1MB RAM dump of the game. Then, after NOPing out the joybus ASM instructions, tack on a real GBA header and it should boot as a GBA ROM. And for me, this rom can then be opened in VBA-RR which doesn't support joybus but has a superior cheat search and record function. Editable RAM regions start at the 03000000 offsets.

As for this mini-game, it's surprisingly easy. I thought for the last mini-game towards the last level, it would be a little more difficult. Actually, it does get a little tough around level 25 where one mistake and luck means you probably won't make it anymore. Then level 999 is fast and very easy to mess up on. I think I'll at least record that separately.


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