Thursday, March 28, 2013

Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot

I'm currently in the process of going through another nostalgic game. This time it's Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, a GameCube classic I remember playing around the time it came out. One of the neat features of this game is the GBA-to-GC connectivity. You could send mini-games to the Game Boy Advance. Fortunately, the Dolphin emulator and VBA can actually emulate this functionality. I was able to "download" the first mini-game "Billy Hatcher Hyper Shoot (Easy)" to VBA. After that, it's technically in the GBA's memory as a game which can run as long as you don't turn off the power. Fortunately, it's possible to extract the ROM and I had GM convert it to a bootable GBA ROM that runs in VBA.

Pics after the break.

The game is really easy and short. The graphics are overly-bright and saturated and for some reason, everything seems really slow. That, and the game looks like a JPEG/GIF most of the time. I really want to see how the other games play once I unlock them. I'm also uploading more gameplay videos of Billy Hatcher in general. I'll finish this game whilst learning my partially-broken controller and stumped reflexes and uploading some gaming sessions at a time.


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