Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's To Come

I'm getting lots of spam lately. Hopefully that has nothing to do with the lack of activity here. Sorry, but that's just how things are going to be for a little while longer. I keep reminding myself "It's still the MegaMan 25th Anniversary!" But it's becoming rather uneventful. What could possibly be done in 9 months? It doesn't even get the full 12 months? Fine, whatever.

So what's to come? TheSpeedGamers will be playing many games from the MegaMan series starting on March 8th. Here on TREZ, we will also be supporting the event and you can watch the stream with us. Read more on the TREZ Homepage. It should be an exciting 72 hours.

Also coming up, there's a TREZ-exclusive something to look forward to next month if everything turns out as planned. I'll probably drop hints here and there for hype. Keep checking back for more!

Here is one hint: Part of it will be my Motion Graphics final. This means certain criteria must be met.


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