Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MegaMan EXE in 8-Bit

What would MegaMan EXE look like as an NES 8-bit graphic? I decided to create this quickly.

Using the Classic series as reference, MegaMan should be about 24 pixels tall. Of course, this one is just a scaled down version of the BN6 sprite but some features are normally exaggerated to make visibility easier. As you may know, the NES supports 4 colors per sprite, one of which is transparent. What the Classic series does is use a separate OAM for the face that carries an additional 3 colors. Black is already used so it's basically introducing 2 new colors, the skin color and white, for a total of 5 unique colors. Same thing here.
It's an interesting experiment. Character design was clearly simplified in those times to compensate for limitations. The colors were also quite yucky but would have looked decent if 15 unique colors were allowed.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see a Battle Network NES homebrew. I'd buy the crap out of that.

Bluebomber21 said...

This is cool. Nobody had done before.

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