Sunday, February 3, 2013

Classic 1-Up Cameo in N1 Battle

Here's an interesting little easter egg I found in Rockman EXE N1 Battle, the Wonderswan Color port of MegaMan Battle Chip Challenge. As it turns out, the WS version is a heavily cut version of the GBA one, and an overall less interesting game. However, when hacking the folder to have removed chips show up, Hub Style's chip icon has become the 1-Up icon from the Classic MegaMan series!
To see it for yourself, get to the deck editing screen in the game. At 0xF38A, that is where pack data is stored. The format is easy to visualize: 00 FF is an empty slot. Write EA FF in one of them and check the pack list. The Hub Style chip should appear. All stats and sprites have been removed for removed Navis. Using it in battle switch you to a 0HP MegaMan that dies immediately.

It's quite a discovery. I think this is the first direct cameo to the Classic series in a Battle Network game. This find definitely makes me want to write the article on TCRF for this game and the GBA one. N1 Battle is very much the same game as the GBA version, with many things removed such as all the BN3 Navis, several other Navis, all blocking chips, and a few others.
Elemental Normal Navis and the MegaMan styles were also removed. Oh, Ring and TurboMan as well, though all the chip graphics have been KEPT, surprisingly. Ring's graphic is actually missing a row of about 2 pixels.
Bass GS is also gone, but his BN3 Blue/Black version chip appears instead which is not present in the GBA version.
And in some, possibly removed menu, there is a simple text selection test present.
There's more, but those are the most significant I can think of, so I'll save the rest for the article. It's a fascinating game executed poorly, so good enough.


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