Wednesday, December 26, 2012

MegaMan 6: Start to Finish!

Finally, the last of the MegaMan NES games: MegaMan 6. I heard a lot about hos different this game was, and I was not surprised. The game overall felt very different from the previous games, I guess in an effort to differentiate more and try out different things. Well I liked the efforts. The suits are an interesting feature which show up later in the series and the difficulty was greatly reduced. It worked for me and it's definitely more enjoyable for me because of that.

The final Wily boss has 3 forms, so that must mean something about how it's one last hurrah. It felt too easy at some points but the jet suit is really fun. I relied on it a lot. Overall, looking back at the NES MegaMan games, I think my most favorite and enjoyable games, from greatest to least goes like this: 6, 3, 5, 4, 2, 1.

6 seems more complete and feels like a much more evolved game. 3 was also very fun in that it didn't feel exceedingly hard at too many points. It's probably the last game I could tolerate no charging. And MegaMan 1 I certainly would never play again. It's just not very fun at all and very unrefined. The useless score feature, resetting after every game over, and the Yellow Devil boss, which is still the toughest in the series so far, makes it very unenjoyable, looking back. I played it and finished it and that's all I needed to do with it. 2 is okay, but the others are better. Still a little too vanilla for me.

That wraps up NES. If it's one thing they all got right it's controls. They just feel right and even though some of the games get tough, it's nothing I think I couldn't beat. It says a lot that these are some of the NES games I'd consider "passable". I don't know too much about the other must-plays but the MegaMan games had a great deal of polish and detail. It would be hard to top that.

Up next is MegaMan 7, so stick around to watch me play it live or wait for the YouTube uploads.


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