Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Did You Know Gaming

So recently, Did You Know Gaming featured MegaMan. I found it quite interesting that they mentioned the find I made famous: the unused 3D models in Star Force.
It seems everyone knows about it now but this is quite a major publication of this. Unfortunately, theinfo is a little out of date. I wish they had contacted me sooner so I could give them more accurate and interesting details. As you may recall, I've featured more complete versions of the models on this blog. I even got them to load up in BN5DS, as they are based on the same format. This is how at least their idle animations got loaded.
Also, remember how all the models had several unused animations? It's a very fascinating mystery of the games that I'm still waiting for a proper answer to. But regardless, I'm still glad to have gotten something contributed to a widely-viewed feature.


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