Friday, September 28, 2012

MegaMan 1-6 Run Soon

After much consideration, I have decided to attempt and document my playthrough of Mega Man 1-6. My history with the original Mega Man games has not been pleasant. I didn't grow up with these games or an NES like apparently the rest of the world.

The first Mega Man game I really played was Mega Man Battle Network 3, which I was exposed to around 2003-2004. Around 2002-2003, I was given an old discard computer and a disc full of NES and SNES games. I thumbed though most of them and had a chance to try the more prominent titles. I think this is probably how I first saw a Mega Man game. Of course, being around 10, I was terrible and didn't really appreciate the games.

Anyways, I played Mega Man Legends on the 64 a bunch around the same time. I had also started to play the Mega Man Battle Network games at that point which is still my favorite series for that nostalgia factor. I rented the Anniversary Collection for GameCube when it was out as well. I tried the games out again that time, but since they were too difficult, I just used the cheat to unlock the arcade games which were millions of times more fun. I've never had a such a great "what time is it" moment when playing that game.

So after all that, as the 25th Anniversary approaches, I think it's only fitting I finally give these games another go. I'm not much of a gamer and based on my past experiences, I expect to be frustrated. I think almost everyone takes for granted how they've perceived these games growing up, and how oblivious they've become to difficulty. I'm taking a completely different approach to this, and even though I may, no, will get frustrated, I am going to enjoy it somehow.

Lurk the chatbox for more info since I haven't thought out all info yet. I'll be streaming at my usual stream. Also, I'll post summaries of the game and hopefully get all the video on YouTube as well.

I'm ready to be angered, ridiculed, stressed, and entertained, so stick around.


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