Sunday, August 12, 2012


The Rockman EXE Zone's homepage has JUST launched! Check it out!

I really must extend my sincerest thanks to Midnite and Prof. 9. They really helped me out towards the end and I regret not getting them involved sooner.

So please, check out the site. You will find brand new custom battle guides. I spent a lot time writing them to be very top quality. They far surpass the really old ones of years past. I also created 6 very unique wallpapers for download. Again, lots of time and effort went into those and I presented them in many sizes for maximum use. Finally, the Gallery. Though I also got to it late, it already has much more content than the old gallery ever had. Thanks to Midnite, the gallery is rich in valuable art assets collected for your use.

Enjoy the site.


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