Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heart and Star Datas in 4.5

Heart and Star Datas... there's one thing that bugged me about these as soon as I picked up BN4.5 recently: they're impossibly hard to find. Seems not every map has one and it's too tedious to check all 20-something maps for them. I know, it sucks.
Where to start...
That's why GM and I looked into the issue earlier today. The solution alleviates some of the problem.
Fortunately, the game keeps track of where the heart and star data is. If you're playing as Roll or StarMan, regardless if you've reached max HP you can still find these datas. You need them for HP.

If you can get a memory viewer open, enter the following offset depending on your character.



In the memory window below, StarMan's offset has been entered. The top row contains all the information you'd need.

StarMan's Star Data "cheat sheet"

The first 2 bytes, 0D03, can be ignored since they're not relevant here. The next 3 pairs are important. 02A0 is the map value and says the data will be in Internet3. The next pair of bytes are the coordinates. You can use this to figure out where on the map it will be. This format is repeated for Roll's heart data location. I didn't believe it at first, but there are actually multiple locations for stars on the same map! Tough enough finding one, but there are many locations.
There it is!
If you followed the data, you'll know where to look. That's where the star data was! Surprisingly, they're actually quite common. You just have to know where to look.

Hm? But what do the map values mean? It's basically XXYY where XX is the room and YY is the map. A0 is for the first 4 Internet maps. The "room" value then lets you get to the other maps, hence why 02A0 is Internet3. 00A1 is for Internet5, 00A2 for Internet9, and so on. You can map warp by changing the value at 02004AD4, which is really close to StarMan's star data location value.

Anyways, that certainly makes the game more enjoyable. I hate how I only found about 2 stars as StarMan in my main playthrough. It feels like they should have been far more common than that. Nearly 50 possible stars and not even one? I knew I had to be wrong.
Enjoy the cheat sheet!


Quint said...

If I remember right, one shows up each day, and Starman/Roll give you a hint when you start out as to which group of internet areas it would be found in that day. From there it's just a matter of running around those net areas til you find it.

Mega Rock.exe said...

It certainly does seem like a hint, but I wouldn't know for sure. I knew it was limited to one per day so I had to manipulate the clock to advance time and check out more locations.

Anonymous said...

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

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