Friday, June 8, 2012

Gold Datas in BN6

I like looking into these things and the next game was an obvious. Thanks mostly to GM, we figured out the secret to gold datas in BN6! Yeah, this many years late.

They look much yellower in this game.
So the trick is simple. The game also has a "cheat sheet" like in BN4.5. However, datas appear far less frequently. Here's how it goes.

At 02000212, the game keeps 2 important values: the map the data is in, and the identifier value which determines which green data is converted to gold. This window is saying it will be in area 2 of map 94, which is Sky Area. You can map warp by changing the value at 02001B84.
If the value is a 01, that means there is no gold data this time around.
The next value over, 148B, is the identifier and tells the game which data to convert. Usually adding or subtracting 1 to this value will make it convert the other green data in the area.
And finally, the first value, 0E04. This is the reward. This follows a certain item format. 0E04 means the reward is CircusMan SP.

That's all there is to it. We haven't looked into getting data to always appear since it's still fairly rare. Until then, this certainly helps you find the data much quicker, since that was the point. Fun fact, gold data can still be set even if you're in a generic Comp not connected to the main Net. The data is wasted in this case since it's set and you can't get it normally.

Update: Thanks to Nol, a reward list has been compiled.

10000 Zennys
10 BugFrags
Vulcan3 R
SuperVulcan V
Spreader3 R
GunDelSol3 Q
NeoVaribleSword N
Muramasa M
NumberBall N
Meteors R
BlizzardBall N
TimeBomb3 M
Guardian O
Sanctuary Z
LifeAura U
ProtoMan SP B
BlastMan SP B
DiveMan SP D
CircusMan SP C
JudgeMan SP J
ElementMan SP E
Colonel SP C
Hakushaku SP H


Nol said...

Cool find. I think I figured out how the reward data is formatted, and from what I can tell, these are all the prizes you can get:
10000 Zennys
10 BugFrags
Vulcan3 R
SuprVulc V
Spreadr3 R
GunDelS3 Q
NeoVari N
Muramasa M
NumbrBl N
Meteors R
BlzrdBal N
TimeBom3 M
Guardian O
Snctuary Z
LifeAur U
ProtoMnSP B
BlastMnSP B
DiveManSP D
CrcusMnSP C
JudgeMnSP J
ElmntMnSP E
ColonelSP C
HackJckSP H (The Count/Hakushaku SP)

I don't know if there's some rarity factor involved in determining the YMD you get, but if there isn't one, Zenny and BugFrag should be most common, while the rarest chips should be The Count, ProtoMan, and LifeAura.

On a somewhat related note, do you have any advice for finding the Chip Trader data for these games, particularly BN2 and BN3, similar to how you guys figured out the lists for BN5? Thanks.

Mega Rock.exe said...

I don't remember the documentation but it's nothing a few breakpoints can't figure out. I've been meaning to collect chip trader data from those games. This is already great work you've got here and I'll make sure to credit you.

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