Thursday, June 21, 2012

BN6 Navi Emblems

I'm keeping myself busy in the meantime. This time I went ahead and recreated the Navi emblems from MMBN6 in vector. It turns out a lot of the detail is lost for the in-game icon. I had to look in official sources to get a better idea on what it really looks like. Even scaled down they closely resemble the in-game icons.
The first 3 were pulled from official sources like flash sites, but the rest we all me.
In order, if you're not familiar, from left to right: MegaMan, HeatMan, ElecMan, SlashMan, KillerMan, ChargeMan, AquaMan, TomahawkMan, TenguMan, GroundMan, DustMan, ProtoMan.


Spyman exe said...

Here's a site with pretty accurate navi emblems of all the navis. It seems yours were right on.

Mega Rock.exe said...

Yeah, some of them are nice but some are also less accurate because it's a sprite. They look derived from official design though which is what I had to do.

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