Monday, May 28, 2012

Official Complete Works and Video Stuff

Okay first off, I tried DS video processing again. After about an hour with a failed AVS script, I tried looking for a script which stacked the screens horizontally and that juts worked. I came upon this video and I got wonderful results. I used the following script:
A = AviSource("file1.avi","file1_part2.avi", pixel_type="RGB32")
A = A.crop(0,0,256,192)
B = A.crop(0,192,256,192)
Obviously with complete file paths, this just worked. Wonderful results, too. Depending on the game, horizontal screens may work better. Since Youtube's video player is in 16:9 by default, this gives the viewer a larger area to watch the video from more efficient screen space use.
I also just found out you can save settings in VirtualDub, so this should make preparing GBA and DS videos much faster. Ever since I started using VirtualDub, all my GBA and DS videos are letterboxed to 16:9 to maximize the space of the Youtube player window. Enlarging also has to be done very selectively so it may be one of Youtube's predefined quality settings and so the result is pixel-perfect.

Now onto the Official Complete Works. I was looking over the Battle Network one again. This time I really got to appreciate the BN1 virus names. I really don't like looking at all the fake names people gave the viruses so it's nice to see fairly proper names, even if some still sound very Japanese and make little sense. I see that on the BN1 page, they mention the Scuttle family, but I can't really say it's a family since you don't normally encounter the virus in the game; it's just summoned by the Life Virus. Maybe it was considered as a standalone enemy? Also, on the character scale pages, they said they are very lenient with sizes. Maybe that explains why Bass and ShadowMan appear so large in battle. Also, Bass isn't on the scale! Some of the development notes are also quite revealing which I hadn't mentioned before. On many occasions, they say they're limited by game resources. That was their excuse for PharaohMan being completely stationary but also for the Phoenix chips in BN5. Apparently the Phoenixes were supposed to be different. Both games certainly had the room on the cart for it, so it's a shame that detail had to be missed.
There's also a mistake I missed last time. On the BN5 chip list, CloudMan's chip name is never mentioned. Instead, his chips are mistakenly labeled as "GroundMan, GroundMan SP GroundMan DS". GroundMan's chips, however, are labeled correctly.
Finally, that strange nameless Navi from BN2's Yumland was called CookMan. I don't remember seeing that anywhere but apparently he has some history with cooking?

Overall, the book is still really fascinating. It feels like such a privilege to have these books translated and in my hands.


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