Saturday, May 26, 2012

Navi Changing on BN5

Yesterday I had an interesting chat with Nigoli. He informed me that on BN5 GBA, there was a Navi Change feature. Of course, I had heard about this, but wasn't quite sure it was true. Apparently the ability to switch Navis mid-battle is nothing exclusive to the DS version, but certainly more prominent there. If you had the chip gate hardware, you could have the Navi icons on the overworld map similar to how it is done on the DS version.
From the title screen, you can go into "OpsBattle"
That will take you to this Operation Battle setup screen. It stays stuck checking the hardware an there is no known way to bypass it to use the rest of the features normally. And yes, Ribitta is in both versions of the game. So if Baryl, Higsby, and Ribitta appear in bother versions, what's the point of exclusives?

Anyways, if the same byte to flag OpsBattle on the title is used after the game has loaded, the Navi Change icons appear on the overworld map, though different than how the DS version presents them. Even with the icons, this has no apparent affect during battle.

To Navi Change during battle, you can manually execute it through the memory. During a battle, if you go to the offset 02036B20 on any version of the game, changing the byte there from 01-0C lets you change into that Navi after you exit the Custom Screen. They usually have very little HP and all that Navi's abilities. Here is the full list of values.
01 = ProtoMan
02 = GyroMan
03 = SearchMan
04 = NapalmMan
05 = MagnetMan
06 = Meddy
07 = Colonel
08 = ShadowMan
09 = NumberMan
0A = TomohawkMan
0B = KnightMan
0C = ToadMan

After the turn is up, you revert to MegaMan, but you can see the feature is very similar to what is found on the DS version. Because this isn't using the real hardware, you can get away with more such as using Soul Unisons as Navis. In the above screenshot, you can unite with a Dark Sword, change to ProtoMan, and still have all the features of Dark Proto Soul.

This is a neat feature, if anything. Maybe it's not as useful as the DS version's but it's nice to know something is in there to make this happen. Which is why I'm thinking if it's in BN5, there must be something left in BN6. Obviously the byte that's supposed to handle this does nothing in BN6 so maybe there's still a way to bring back the feature and do even more with it.

Update: This is as far as I got. I was following a routine in parallel with both games ,but I don't know how far up it goes.
These are all relevant somehow.


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