Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More updates

So I'm in an updating mood. First up, the banner has been updated. The same concept is there because I am still not over it yet. The other characters have been toned out to really bring focus to this glowing, dynamic pair. The blog title has been shrunken down a little to leave more room for the other images. Content summary has also been changed as I won't be mentioning personal stuff here as much. Banner height has been reduced as well, but I can't say the same about image size. Sorry.

Overall, I think the new banner has a cleaner aesthetic. I've been meaning to practice and improve my technique and I'm really liking this softening out of the backgrounds I made. The background used is the cool green background I posted a couple weeks ago.

Behind the banner, I was able to get the translucent effect I've wanted since I designed the new TREZ homepage. A white fill at 50% opacity with 75% opacity borders. This way you can kind of see the background scroll behind it. The background has also been locked in place so only the page scrolls when you scroll the page. Also similar to the new TREZ site.

Finally, posts have gotten a tad wider to accommodate the smallest Youtube video player size.

That's probably all the updates over here for now. If and when the TREZ page gets finished I will gladly get more work done on it. I have to improve the offerings due to the delays, you know.


Spyman exe said...

Could you post your previous banners? I would love to see how the banner has evolved.

Mega Rock.exe said...

A little embarrassing, but sure.

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