Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An interesting find

Recently, a user sent me a link to an interview by the former website, JeuxFrance, on Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS. They spoke with Takeshi Horinouchi & Tsukasa Takenaka, Producer and Director of MMBN5DS. Apparently they came over and brought with them a debug build of a European translation of the game. They posted a picture of the game running on a Nintendo DS (though it also ran on a TV, but the shot is not clear enough) I certainly have never seen anything like it. The interview on its own is interesting, but this really catches more attention. The game has a debug mode enabled. The final version of the games have no debug mode which can be enabled and the tiles it uses certainly aren't there. I took the screenshot and annotated it to explain the debug display to the best of my ability.
This is truly a rare find and getting a hold of a debug build like this would be amazing, especially for this game. Alas, that may never happen but this was interesting nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Awesome :D
You actually posted an article about it.

Anonymous said...

Ou e o model 3d que voce disse que iria postar?
Estou esperando!!

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