Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finished as StarMan

This got a little late but I finished the game as StarMan. I had a lot of fun, despite the game being barely in English. Here is the final battle, by the way. I think it could have went better.

Okay, so not much to do with StarMan now. Not all the set encounters are available so it makes getting more Mega Chips more difficult. But I've decided to play as NumberMan now. He opens doors, so it opens up the areas a little more. Not much else to say. I've breezed through the game since you keep your pack. Getting HP sucks and it would take about 40 days to reach 900 HP playing by real time. So to speed things up, I internally changed the date to get about 3 or 4 mini-game's worth of HP. Having decent HP makes getting farther more tolerable. I would hate to get squashed by viruses sometime ahead.
So maybe a video for that.


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