Friday, December 2, 2011

TREZ Home Page revamp imminent

I may have mentioned it before. but for a class project I will be designing a new TREZ layout. This new home page will make the site easier and quicker to use. So basically instead of never using it, it can be used quickly. It's all part of trying to keep the TREZ name alive through consistency and overall decent design. When I actually have a full mock-up, a few people will be selected to critique its usefulness. I'm hoping I could get someone to actually code it since I have no experience in HTML or any of that. I wouldn't want a project like this to be my first attempt at coding either.

Relating to the redesign, I recently purchased and activated my copy of Adobe CS5.5 Design Premium. It came with an extra CD with resources. Turns out there are DOZENS of pixel fonts in there, one being the Hooge font family. Originally, I had been using that font on some of the TREZ forum images. It turns out it's a commercial font and I was using a cheap copy. The one on the CD has lower-case letters and is a highly legible font. I've removed the copies and installed the real thing on my computer. I hope the Hooge fonts will serve TREZ well since I'll be using them more from now on.


Prof. 9 said...

So this is for the main site, not the forum?

Also, BUYING software?

Mega Rock.exe said...

For the main site, yes. Hopefully a relevant theme can be made for the forum after the main site is coded.

And of course buying software. Gotta have the legal right to use them in this world.

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