Monday, November 21, 2011

The PET OS Home Screen UI

As you may have seen from last week's video, I wanted to create a conceptual PET based on today's mobile look and if a Battle Network game were actually coming out November of this year, like before.
I think the PET Home Screen is finished and this is what I came up with.

I've put a lot more attention into the UI recently since it says a lot about what a device like this could do. I hadn't studied UI design so I had a lot to cover and I think it may have even interfered with the quality of this work. Keeping in mind it would ideally be implemented in a game environment, I borrowed elements from today's mobile UIs like iOS and Android operating systems while still keeping it relevant in-game.

The status window above would present the user with the most relevant information: money, and location. Tapping the location thumbnail would bring up a mini-map. Below are widgets. The user would be able to open and move around up to 3 useful widgets. The Activity Log lists important activities the player has done such as obtaining items or major story events. There would also be a Folders widget which allows you to equip folders on the fly. Finally, a Net Battle widget would allow the most important functions to be accessed from the main screen. The player can start a battle which would open a menu with the game modes available. Tapping Join a Battle would bring up a list of battles other people have created. You could join any game looking for players.

Below the widget space, various functions are represented by icons. 3 functions can be "favorited" and made bigger by dragging the icon above. In this example, the most common functions (chip folders, navi status, and save) are larger. All other functions would be smaller and sit below the favorites. Finally, the large Jack In button would always be at the bottom. Tapping it would obviously perform the intended function. While a Navi is on the Net, the button would become Jack Out.

This updated PET UI has gotten good reviews so far. I am even adapting it as an AceKard 2 theme which will be completed soon. And of course, this screenshot will be applied to the PET design. I'll finish that soon.


Anonymous said...

Um, yes. This is amazing.

I suddenly kind of want Capcom to make a Battle Network game for phones... Kind of makes sense, since PETs were pretty much smartphones.

Anonymous said...

can you email me when it is complete


Anonymous said...

same once complete can you send it to

Mateusz Lang said...

for me too

Anonymous said...

une fois cette application terminée serait il possible d'avoir un lien de telechargement envoyer a cette adresse mail s'il vous plait :

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