Saturday, November 19, 2011

Co-Op Battles in MMBN6

It's amazing that even as the game reaches its 6th year since the original release, that new things still emerge from it.

This time, using assistance from Prof.9, I was able to get only one battle to load when playing against another person in multiplayer. Using a cheat, it's possible to have them fight on your side, though with odd, annoying side-effects. However, it is possible for both players to fight together, even for a while. Another possibility would be to allow players to fight with AI-controlled opponents. Even so, there are still restrictions to what is allowed since multiplayer battles only allow uncompressed sprites to load. I hope some of the bugs get fixed so the potential of this could be further explored.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow. This needs to have happened officially.

Who's Prof. 9? I keep hearing about cool stuff he's doing. Are you guys going to release any of these hacks?

Anonymous said...

That wireless icon... WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

Can you do online battling on emulators? Dude, why have I not been doing this?

Mega Rock.exe said...

The instructions are posted on TREZ already.
Prof.9 does most of the complicated hacks I don't know how to do, which is many of them.

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