Monday, October 31, 2011

I found it! Unused Gold!

That was rather quick. After searching Youtube the other day, I was looking for the scene in Mega Man Battle Network 5 DS where Mega Man actually moves. My theory was that whatever was in the message must be telling the 3D model to move. Today I decided to look for it. What I found was surprising.

It turns out there were several unused animation, though not what I expected relating to this canceled BN5DS 3D remake project. Here are some screens of the unusual never-before-seen animations. Once I find a camera code and get Protoman loading, I'll make a video showing off this wonderful find. I'm still really excited.
The default animation from the scene.
Mega Man's battle animation.

Colonel's battle animation.

Mega Man and his forms have strange "punched" animations.

One of Colonel's animations is him waving his hand across slowly.


Anonymous said...

Awesome finds!!!!
Probably way before the Party Battle System, megaman was supposed to be showing its battle status. but the devs. just aded the party system all on top.

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