Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My new desktop

So I'm liking my new desktop background. It's basically a combination of backgrounds I made with extra noise gradient techniques. I really want to make a good tutorial on this since it produces a nice grunge look. Remember I was inspired by the subscreen background from Rockman EXE: OSS. Combined with the color schemes used on the graphics I made for TREZ, I get this.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mega Is Me Feckno1 On UTube

I Was Going To Ask If You Would Make The
Wallpaper Without The [Star Force] Logo ?

The BG looks nice on my pc

Mega Rock.exe said...


Anonymous said...

Thnks Mega This Wallpaper The Best I Ever Had
To Suit My Current Desktop Items Perfectly

@feckno1 on youtube.

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