Saturday, June 11, 2011

Next MMSF3 savegame post

I was going to post this save before all the things from a couple weeks ago got out of hand. Anyways, I made a backup of my game's save when I got to the part before the Rogue minigame. So now both minigames can be accessed with the saves I provided. Also, remember this is my hard mode run.Weak enemies move as fast as their difficult counterpart and they have lots of HP. The HP part for viruses makes sense since I can't even imagine how pathetically weak they were before. The bump in difficulty makes the game much more enjoyable, especially at that part of the game.

Well here is the gamesave.

It's already a .SAV so it discards comments from the original Gameshark format. I forget exactly what save is what, so I may be mistaken.


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