Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MMBN5 Cutting Room Floor article written

I just finished writing the article on Megaman Battle Network 5 for The Cutting Room Floor. Check it out!

I think it's fairly thorough and mentions that Wireless play feature. I've seen how they write articles on this website, though and I think it needs more comparisons. Primarily version-differences and beta screenshots. This also means I can move on to the BN6 article. Obviously I have tons of content for that.

Speaking of beta, I found something interesting while digging through old Capcom websites. Not only did Dr. Hikari's mugshot in BN1 used to look hideous, Max Mode is actually used. I haven't played the game recently, or any multiplayer, so I didn't know. Apparently Max Mode shows up during multiplayer. I didn't know. But it had to have something to do with multiplayer since BN5 brought it back exclusively for Crossover Battle.


Nol said...

Can I see a picture of that mugshot?

Anyways, it makes sense that they use Max Mode for NetBattles, what with the Armors cutting damage in half, LifeAura being unbreakable without chips, and how everything causes flinching. Seriously, even regular, un-charged buster shots cause flinching, AND they get their damage cut in half.

It's seriously such a stall-fest because of Armors cutting down damage. It's a great thing that OSS got rid of them.

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