Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Japanese websites stuff

So following the success of my previous harvest, I decided to look around for more existing (and now defunct) Japanese websites in hopes of finding rare images. My search led me back to the TakaraTomy site. This time for Star Force accessories. Unfortunately, the entire website wasn't archived and there wasn't enough flash content. I did get a few things worth sharing and I can actually post all of them here.

These images were featured in a little Flash movie. It's nothing special. Just Mega and Geo appear and become Megaman.

I excluded the purple city background. I think it already exists somewhere. This movie featured something I hadn't seen before. The strange blue background with the yellow wave road is kind of neat. Might work well as random background filler since that's the only thing I can think of that would make it useful. Also, some green lines accompanied that background to create an effect. Also neat stock. And finally, the game's Japanese logo was featured, and fairly large with transparency. This is good reference because someone I made a logo for on TREZ wanted a new logo based slightly off of this and it helps to have a decent quality reference.

Ah, and one more thing. I took a look at the Battle Chip Stadium website again and I looked around for the TV commercial it claimed to have. Well I found the page where it was supposed to be on but the commercial does not exist anymore, unfortunately. The small flash visual did use another piece of artwork with transparency, though.

It's the artwork from the Falzar version boxart. Neat that both were available because just like last time, it's difficult and maybe even impossible to get them out this clearly. It's great that all their sites back then were almost entirely based on Flash. Oh, and the TV commercial could have been seen in two sizes: 320x240, and 480x360. It's interesting to see how quickly technology advanced considering 480x360 was the highest resolution you could watch the video at in 2006. Today, 1920x1080 video streaming is very possible and 480x360 resolution video is the minimum. And if you look at the dinosaur that is Windows Movie Maker for XP, you can still save videos for a "Pocket PC" playing at a mere 208x160 pixels and "video for dial-up" at 160x120. That was before Youtube, obviously. Videos have come a long time since the days of the Battle Chip Stadium website.


MidniteW said...

The main reason for the small size of the commercial is that, they just didn't want to share them in full quality for some reason (I believe they're original 480p). An example is the SSR3 Commercial on the site from late 08, which size is only 520x390.

The low quality video nowadays is 4:3 320x240(following Youtube). That's also the size of the Zero 1 CM on the site, which is downloadable for some reason.

Would you please grab the trailer/CM .swf? I only managed to grab SSR3 and Z2 by myself.

Mega Rock.exe said...

I see. The videos probably had a low bitrate.

But back to this commercial, I was on the actual commercial page and the swf never loaded. My guess is it wasn't archived. You can get there from the site's main page.

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